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It seems most of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s legal effort these days has to do with finding the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. This is something that he has been pursuing for months. When he cross examined me during the Hoge v. Kimberlin peace order trial in May, he asked me if I knew the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked, and I truthfully replied that I did not. Again, during the recent hearing on extension of the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order, TDPK had Bill Schmalfeldt ask me if I knew the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked, and, again, I answered truthfully that I did not. Almost all of Kimberlin’s activity in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. suit has centered on identifying Kimberlin Unmasked.

I’ve seen all sorts of wacko rumors circulated by Team Kimberlin that Kimberlin Unmasked is Aaron Walker or Patrick Frey or Dustyn Hughes or Jeff Dunetz or Lynn Thomas or Kender MacGowan or Lee Stranahan or Dan Collins. However, I’ve seen no evidence proving that any of those individuals is Kimberlin Unmasked.

Meanwhile, I’ve made a point of not finding out the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. I can’t give up information that I don’t know. I intend to work to maintain my ignorance so as to be able to protect Kimberlin Unmasked’s anonymity.

For the record, I am not Kimberlin Unmasked.

I considered starting a rumor that Kimberlin Unmasked was a false flag operation, but, given the high quality of KU’s work, no one would believe it came from anyone associated with Team Kimberlin.

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  1. The old Cabin Boy seems AWFULLY interested in if you know who KU is. It’s almost as if he knows that his master Kimby is going to lose his quest to find out. Wonder what his “anonymous” sources are telling him now?

  2. I haven’t read more than two or three posts on the KU blogger blog, so don’t know what it is that has so angered the Dread Pirate. However, the Pirate’s frenzy has sure raised my interest, and if KU gets the blog restored, I plan to read every post.

    • I can’t wait to hear him complain to the judge that KU portrayed him as a chihuahua driving a Prius, with a giant crying baby in the front seat, a bunny on the roof, towing a dumpster with Neal Rauhauser living inside it.

      Because that will be EPIC.

  3. But Schmalfeldt has to be “in the know”. He talked to a non-existent court clerk who wasn’t working on Christmas Eve. Lol
    You would think such a “skilled reporter” would at least check the court schedule before telling such an obvious whopper.

    • Yet another one of BS’s numerous lies, which he conveniently forgets and then later demands that people offer examples of his lies.

      Plus the teeny tiny detail that court clerks do not opine on the substance of motions, such as who must appear or not. In fact, they are forbidden from doing so.

  4. If I follow this, BS says BK is asking KU’s lawyer to bring KU to court, and if KU’s lawyer does not respond, he will subpoena KU’s presence.

    But just because he wants to subpoena, doesn’t mean that he will get the subpoena approved, and in time for the hearing on the 13th.

    So all of these “this is what is going to happen to so-and-so” are just so much BS.

  5. Is it wrong of me to hope that KU is one of the following:
    Family or “friend” of BS,
    Family or “friend” of BK,
    somehow linked to: NR’s ex, mark singer, scyripers (sp?) family, delong family, Quayle family. All of those are exceedingly unlikely, but would bring interesting twists to the story

    Of course, there is another that I would find it REALLY amusing if it turned out to be, but that one…well, I won’t name because it’s possible

  6. NR has frequently played double agent with sockpuppets in order to try and ingratiate himself and get information from conservatives. It’s part of his standard M.O.

    Who is to say he’s not doing the same now, but has never let DPBK know he is using him. In order to serve his purposes (and have his fun), hasn’t he hung out other lefties before???

    Just something to ponder as a possibility.

    • KU makes sense. Neal is a mess of conspiracy theories that can’t be proven. I’m guessing it can’t be “I hate my kids so I refuse to pay for them from my fracking money” Neal.

      • Isn’t the JTMP producing videos about the horrors of fracking? I would bet that the donors of the JTMP would be interested in knowing whether, or not, Neal Rauhauser is an employee or contractor of the JTMP?

        The fact is that Neal Rauhauser would facilitate fracking for money. If Brett Kimberlin was in the anti-fracking movement on principle, he would denounce Neal Rauhauser, fire him, and report his whereabouts to the authorities for prosecution. If Brett Kimberlin was in the anti-fracking movement for money, he wouldn’t care. Brett Kimberlin has not denounced Neal Rauhauser. Brett Kimberlin has not ceased contact with Neal Rauhauser. Brett Kimberlin has not reported Rauhauser’s whereabouts to the authorities. What does say about Brett Kimberlin’s true motivations?

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