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Snow_IconThe Internet Legal Forecast for following week in the Baltimore/Washington area is mostly clear with occasional flurries of paperwork descending in and around Bethesda. The deep accumulation in that area from the earlier blizzard may clear slowly over the next week or two.

9 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Brett Kimberlin should just drop all the charades, turn over his assets to the widow DeLong, and turn himself in with a confession of all his crimes. This leads me to wonder, which would be more paperwork: writing out the confession for all the crimes, or, trying to respond to all the documents he brought upon himself with his dishonest lawfare?

    • I wonder if the parties in this suit would release him if he actually paid off the debt he owes that family.

      • I wonder if any of the defendants has contacted Mrs. Delong and told her what’s going on so that she can enter an appearance and file a notice of prior claim to any money recovered by BK.

      • Reader, I would assume she’d be notified. I mean, wouldn’t at least some of the parties (most likely the media firms Kimby decided to sue) want to depose her or one of her family members?

  2. A Reader, that’s a smart idea. Of all the elements of the story, that is the part which is most pathetic. He planted bombs, refused to pay damages to the victims, went back to prison because of his nonpayment, and is somehow now breathing free air. In a perfect world, he’s room with Manson.

  3. Cabin Boy sure is confused about this post. He seems to think that a judge will look unfavorably on people filing legally required responses to Kimby’s ill advised “sue everyone” tactic. But then again the Cabin Boy has proved himself immeasurably ignorant where the law is concerned. Maybe he needs to ask Acme Legal why there might be a blizzard of paperwork that all needs to be answered on a short schedule by his bomber buddy.

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