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RICOMadnessAaron Walker points out that The Dread Pros-Se Kimberlin must not have been looking at a calendar when he filed various legal paperwork.

So to keep a tally, Brett has to respond to 1) a motion to dismiss the RICO suit by John Hoge, 2) a motion to require verified filings in the RICO suit by John Hoge, 3) a motion to dismiss the RICO suit by me, 4) a motion to require verified filings in the RICO suit by me, 5) a memorandum in support of Kimberlin Unmasked’s right to remain anonymous in state court, 6) a motion to dismiss the RICO suit by DB Capital Strategies, and 7) a motion to dismiss the RICO suit by the Franklin Center.  And he will have to work on all of it over Christmas—I mean, he doesn’t want to default on any of that, does he?

10 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. At least the Dread Pirate has the advantage of living off other peoples’ money, so he doesn’t have a real job. This should give him plenty of time to waste his time on amateurish legal diarrhea just like he did when he was in jail where he belongs.

    On the other hand, as his record shows, he’s really only any good at annoying people with his terrible legal work and will fail utterly at anything beyond that.

    I predict humiliation, with a chance of going back to jail where he belongs.

  2. Stupid is as stupid does.

    TDPK and his crew are completely stumped. They’ve never had all their crap come back at them so forcefully.

    I frequent another blog where an incoherent, drunken bully started making grand threats, as he had throughout his life, mostly successfully. There, he finally threatened the wrong bunch (vets).

    I’m loving this….he should have read your tagline above.

      • The saga of Phil Monkress and Paul Wickre. The guys there outed Phil (CEO of a governement contractor in Florida) as a phony SEAL. Wickre worked for Phil, and jumped into the fray making threats and generally beiing an elitist drunken jackwagon, threatening lawsuits to shut down the blog and go after the denizens therein financially and, in several cases, physically. Dude is nuts. Of course, a bunch of miitary vets responded to the threats as one might expect, God bless them.

  3. My prediction? He fails to respond to the majority of the filings on time, or his responses are so flawed they get tossed with the same result. He loses by default. After all, this wasn’t REALLY about the terrible harm to the perjuring, drug dealing, weapons trafficking, terrorist’s reputation now was it?

  4. In previous lawfare, did Brett Kimberlin ever name so many defendants in a suit?

    I think not, as it seems a mistake one would not repeat twice.

    Perhaps I over-estimate his brute cunning…

  5. The real question is when if ever there will be good prospects for winning sanctions or, at the very least, a judgment that BK is a vexatious litigant.

    • He seems to already have potential pro se litigants willing to step forward to eponymously file his crap. Declaring him a vexatious litigant is the first step. Stopping his unauthorized practice of law is the second.

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