Shameless Commerce

While scanning through Breitbart Unmasked, I found an extremely silly post trying to pin the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked on Dustyn Hughes (aka Monitor 2112). Apparently, the BU crew thinks that they have evidence that Mr. Hughes participated in some online event and that his participation proves something or other.BU20131204

During a Twitter exchange between Monitor and one of the Team Kimberlin thugs, I popped in to plug the Res Judicata iPad covers recently added to The Hogewash Store. It was an inside joke between Monitor and me. I had added them to The Hogewash Store at his request.

It’s really quite pathetic to see the way Team Kimberlin is grasping at straws.

5 thoughts on “Shameless Commerce

  1. I found it funny as hell. I mean they draw this conspriacy about a Google Hangout…which I didn’t know was part of Google + video chat. They didn’t let me see what they were inquiring about, so Yes I was insistent that I had not gone to such a thing becaue I didn’t think I had.

    Looking over it, it was Lee Stranahan setting up to teach a class I think….anyway he had mentioned something on Twitter about not being sure if it even would work…so I jumped on Google + and came in to his hang out and said it worked.

    Someone else joined a bit later…I can’t recall the @name. It was something that started with a C…anyway that happened to be Lynn Thomas whom they think has something to do with KU. I might have said Hi or joked or something, but it was on in the background while I was skimming over Twitter. If I have ever had more contact with Ns. Thomas it would be the same sort of thing…just a random comment given on someones twitter account.

    Mr Hoge covered the Res Judicata case for my iPad that I am getting next paycheck John…promise…but that was about it.

    Oh I heard they think I have something to do with the comics because one of the pictures they took from my Facebook is me sitting in front of a row of DC Direct figures behind me on a shelf. Nothing sinister about it, just a geek with his toys on display.

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