Pajama Boy

In a lame attempt to promote Obamacare, Organizing for Action gave us this wonderful bit of nonsense to satirize—pajamaboyIt didn’t take long for the revised versions to hit the Interwebz. Even I had one.pajamaboy_fail

In one sense, Pajama Boy is a natural extension of the story arc that the Obama Campaign/Administration has been trying to sell. He’s a male counterpart to Julia.

Look at the poor schlub. He’s in his 20s. He looks like a hipster wannabe who is stuck in perpetual adolescence. Julia needed help from the government to make through her life. Pajama Boy needs help buying health insurance. Neither is a symbol of adult self-reliance.

Someone fairly well up the food chain at Organizing for Action approved the Pajama Boy ads. What does that say about that person’s and/or that organization’s understanding of the challenges real world Americans face every day?

And, yes, I typed this blog post while wearing my pajamas.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has a few choice comments.

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