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RICOMadnessThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin tells provably false lies. That’s a fact that has been throughly documented. Indeed, some of his lies that have been documented on this blog have been ones he told in court. Because of his history of falsehoods, I have filed a Motion to Require Verified Pleadings from Plaintiff with the U. S. District Court handling the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO suit. A verified pleading is one that is sworn to under penalty of perjury.

I do not plan to have any public comment on this motion until it has been ruled on by the Court.

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  1. I also asked this over at Mr. Walker’s site: Can BK actually file Verified Papers, what with being a convicted perjurer? Or is that not a problem for him in federal court?

  2. It would have added something like,

    1) It appears that the pro se plaintiff cut-and-pasted from a successful Rico suit.

    2) One of the statements he cut-and-pasted was, “at all relative time defendants conducted or participated in and conspired to conduct and participate in the affairs of the Rico Enterprise…”

    3) It is a necessary element of any Rico suit.

    4) It is my belief that the Plaintiff recognized it was a necessary element and therefore asserted it.

    5) For the statement to even be plausible the court would have to believe that.

    -John Hoge was recruited on or before 2011 to participate in the conspiracy though he was a very obscure blogger–
    -That he participated in such a conspiracy during 2011 and the first four and a half months of 2012 without ever publicly writing about Plaintiff.
    -A very large publishing house entered into and participated in this conspiracy yet contributed all of one line of one book of all the books it commissioned and published while actively participating in the conspiracy.
    -Numerous other such claims.

    6) From the points in 5) it appears that Plaintiff was willful in falsely asserting a necessary element he knew not to be true.

    7) Without plaintiff asserting such a necessary element the suit would have been subject to summary dismissal.

    8) Plaintiff’s false statement was therefore highly material.

    9) Plaintiff’s use of false statements has added to the cost and complexity of the defendants answering the suit.

  3. Pro-se litigants aren’t bound by Rule 11? Everything he submits is supposed to be truthful. If it’s not, a motion under Rule 11 may be appropriate

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