Motions and Memoranda, III

popcorn4bkTo summarize: I’ve filed about 35 pages worth of paperwork in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO suit so far. DB Capitol Strategies has added another 22 pages to the pile. Aaron Walker has submitted 203 pages of motions and exhibits. That’s over 250 pages of defendants’ motions to be answered by early January.

There are almost 20 other defendants in the RICO suit who have yet to file responses to the complaint.

Meanwhile, Aaron Walker has also filed a memorandum in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit in support of Kimberlin Unmasked’s and Google’s opposition to giving any further information to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. That memorandum is 126 pages with exhibits and must be answered over the same time period.

With Festivus almost upon us, TDPK can use the airing of grievances to practice for his answers. The response to my motion to dismiss is due to the court not later than close of business on the 29th.

UPDATE—DB Capitol Strategies’s motion to dismiss can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Motions and Memoranda, III

  1. The Legal Eagle Cabin Boy is now saying that you should all be dealt with legally for filing so much paperwork. He sees it as a deliberate attempt to try to overwhelm his bomber friend with paper work. I guess it never stuck the man that when a moron decides to pro se file against 20 defendants that they have a right to actually… know….defend themselves. And that starts with filing the proper paperwork with is all they are doing. Or is the Cabin Boy trying to hint that Kimberlin is actually so stupid that he thought that by filing both a state and a federal cases that people would just turn belly up? Maybe the Cabin Boy will enthrall us with some of the same stellar legal knowledge that he used oh so successfully in HIS cases to explain how 20 defendants (Fed only) should not file the required paperwork in a timely manner?

    • Why shouldn’t responses to a 50 page complaint be on the same order of length with the accompanying exhibits adding more weight?

      If I sued 20 defendants and filed a 50 page complaint, I’d expect around 1,000 pages in response plus exhibits.

      • Well you are a reasonable person. The Cabin Boy, on the other hand, is neither reasonable or very smart. So there is that.

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