HHS, Obamacare, and PR

James Taranto takes note of the Department of Health and Human Services discovering that it has a PR problem and that its internal staff can’t seem to keep the big bosses informed about what the public is saying about them.

So the agency that presumes to control your medical care isn’t even competent enough to read the newspapers and summarize their content–and they’re turning to the private sector for help. Oh well, it could be worse. With this crowd, it’s a wonder they’re not calling on Congress to enact “comprehensive media reform.”

Let it burn.

6 thoughts on “HHS, Obamacare, and PR

  1. And a pox on those who thought that there was a free lunch. Just hope it’s not chicken pox, cause healthcare’s gonna get very expensive. Please remember: This all was to fix a situation where a relatively small number of Americans had NO health insurance. The plan is a failure when it ends up with a large number of Americans with no health insurance.

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