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RICOMadnessWhile doing research on The Dread Pro-se Kimberlin’s previous lawsuits, I found this interesting bit of testimony from TDPK. It’s from one of the Kimberlin v. Walker peace order cases in April, 2012.

Q And  you were known as the Speedway Bomber, were you not?

A I don’t know that.

Uh, huh.

Here’s an interchange between TDPK and a judge in January, 2012, when he sought to have Seth Allen held in contempt.

 THE COURT: All right. This one is dated November 23rd. I don’t see anything in here that would constitute —

MR. KIMBERLIN: Well, I mean —

THE COURT: — defamation.

MR. KIMBERLIN: — there’s a lot of stuff in there, so I could certainly find it, you know. But what does is he mixes, he posts something, and then he’ll say, oh, and then Kimberlin, the speedway bomber, the terrorist, the perjurer, and the pedophile did this or that.

Wow. In only three months he forgot that he was known as The Speedway Bomber.

Or he was lying.

7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I just have a hard time understanding this. Lies, I can understand. A well-told lie can get you out of trouble. It’s wrong, but if you craft it carefully and give it versimillitude, a good lie can give you breathing room or get you out of a jam. This can be proven false with documents in the public record- a trip to PACER would prove Kimberlin is- according to the courts- a terrorist who bombed a speedway, and a perjurer. Pedophile, of course, he’s never been convicted of, but y’all have made plain as day the basis for your accusations- so according to my layman’s understanding of defamation, he’s going to have a nigh-on impossible time proving that it was a false statement of fact.

  2. Actually bombs were exploded in Speedway, Indiana. The last was at a high school after a freshman football game. Previous targets included a police car. One man lost his leg and later committed suicide after being unable to stand the pain. Read it on Wiki:

    Of course if a fact or two are wrong, Kimby would have sued Wikipedia.

    I’ve never liked the title “Speedway Bomber” since it gives him a Marvel-style nickname. How about “convicted perjurer, school bomber and serial litigant Brett Kimberlin” Hoge wouldn’t like the other vocabulary I’d use.

  3. I told my kids, when they were young, don’t lie.

    However, I also told them, that if they did lie, I’d punish them more for a stupid lie, than for a well-crafted one. And I did so.

    When they were older, and not in the habit of lying, I taught them the multiple ways to lie effectively, as a matter of self-defense – you can’t recognize when you are being lied to, if you don’t know the liar’s methods.

    They have well-tuned bullshit meters, as a result, and are straight shooters, all of them.

    Kimberlin, Brett, is a crappy liar…oh, sure, he tries to make up for it with sheer volume, but it is still a crap stream.

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