My “Dirty” Win

I’m told that Bill Schmalfeldt has been whining about my “dirty victory” in court yesterday.

It’s true that my lawyer had a secret strategy that she used against him, and it worked: She let him talk.

Schmalfeldt repeated arguments that previously had been shot down. He asked irrelevant questions. He ranted. He yelled. He pounded the table. He convinced the judge that he intended to continue to disobey the peace order. In short, he made my case for me.

Bill Schmalfeldt can think that was a dirty trick if he wishes. I call it good lawyering.

Now, if Schmalfeldt will simply obey the peace order, I will have no reason to take any particular notice of him. We’ll see how that goes.

35 thoughts on “My “Dirty” Win

  1. So what you’re saying is, “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    Your description of the courtroom proceedings make me want to read the court reporter’s transcript.

  2. How dare Zoa and the judge let him talk. Last time he complained that he didn’t get a chance to talk, and that his victory would have been assured . . . oh, wait.

  3. A Reader, you are correct. Back in Oct. Zoa objected to most of what he tried to bring up and the judge upheld the objections. He even brought up Cassidy and the judge patiently explained it didn’t apply because it was a case of speaking ABOUT someone and not TO them. That he still doesn’t get that just goes to show his level of abject stupidity.

    So now he has taken his twitter private. Not sure what that accomplishes since it will not prevent him from @mentioning Mr. Hoge. (Which the judge specifically told him was contact on several occasions now despite what the Cabin Boy wants to believe). I guess going private does afford him the opportunity to say his monumentally stupid things where only people that agree with him will see them and prevents others from pointing out said stupidity with much pointing and laughing.

  4. Please post the transcript if/when able. I’m rather interested in reviewing the arguments your opponent presented.

  5. BS refuses to accept responsibility for the consequences of his behavior. When he lost last time, his excuses were: the judge is a corrupt country hick who has the hots for Zoa, Zoa is “connected,” the Court of Special Appeals was just too busy to take on this monumental first Amendment case. Oh, and all of this was unfair, in large part because he “SAYS” he has Parkinson’s. Heh. Gotta love Zoa Barnes.

    Now, clearly given significant time to present his case, he lost again. Seriously, judging by the little both parties have revealed about the proceedings, Zoa could have bitch-slapped BS for two hours by objecting non-stop, and the judge could have CORRECTLY sustained the objections, but she didn’t. She let him talk and talk and talk, one of his favorite things to do, especially if it’s about himself.

    So, what are his excuses now? The judge is corrupt, Hoge has the hots for Zoa (?????), the judge is still an ignorant rube, and lawyers who are REAL democrats would never, ever represent someone that BS doesn’t like, especially an “evil” conservative like Hoge, and Zoa peed throughout the courtroom. Seriously.

    BS thinks that he’s going to appeal and claim that the judge looked embarrassed or uncomfortable by his ruling. I can guarantee that the law clerks will have a good laugh over that one, because all of that is completely subjective and irrelevant on appeal. The truth is that on appellate review, the findings of fact of lower courts are usually given great deference.

    As for the judge allegedly not having a computer or a cell phone. Well, he has a computer at work, as do(es) his law clerk(s). You see, most judges have junior staff that help them research issues and write opinions. You know, younger staff . . . who are quite familiar with social media and how it operates.

  6. Judging by the mendacious BS’s comments, I figured Judge Stansfield must be pushing 80, given the picture of a doddering senile old fool that Schmalfeldt painted. At 63, he is 12 years younger than WJJH and 3 years younger than Hillary Clinton. He is 7 years younger than John Kerry.

  7. Well, he has helpfully posted what will probably comprise a large part of his appeal. I think it’s masterful. Truly awesome. The best legal brief I’ve come across in years. He should definitely file it. Heh.

  8. Wow, back in the day I worked as a summer student on a PDP11-45, I started by keying punch cards for the programmers, then flowcharting, and finally doing some debugging and programming in Fortran. If I was a good boy, one of the operators would let me bootstrap the computer. About once a month a big wig would fly in from Digital in Huntsville Alabama to ask “How y’all doing?” We did a lot better after we figured out the humidifier for the computer room was leaving mineral dust on the cores, so we started using distilled water instead of tap water.

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