What I Saw in Court Today

I was called to the stand by my lawyer Zoa Barnes, and we presented evidence of Bill Schmalfedlt’s violations of the existing peace order. The peace order requires that Schmalfeldt not contact, attempt to contact, or harass me. We presented evidence of over 470 times that he contacted me after the order was issued. We presented evidence of at least one attempt to contact me through third parties. We presented evidence of harassment in the form of three pornographic images Schmalfeldt created using my likeness. Even dealing with lots of objections, that only took about 20 minutes.

I spent the next hour on the stand being cross examined by Schmalfeldt. Most of that hour was taken up by his ranting rather than actually asking me questions. He tried to get the court to consider many of the legal theories he had offered before. The result is best summed up with the word res judicata. At one point Schmalfeldt asked me what I thought would happen if the the peace order were extended. I replied that I expected that he would continue to violate it until it was enforced.

When Schmalfeldt tried to bring up the Attorney General’s opinion letter, Judge Stansfield quoted a Court of Appeals decision back to him that said that the Attorney General’s opinion is just one lawyer’s opinion.

After my grilling on the stand, we rested my case, and the court took a brief recess. When we were called back, Schmalfeldt tried to make his case. He was sworn and offered some testimony.

During her closing argument, Zoa Barnes made the point that if the order were extended and Schmalfeldt were to violate it, we would be back with a motion for contempt seeking jail time.

Judge Stansfield granted the six-month extension of the peace order. In doing so, he found that the 470 tweets that I had received between noon on 16 October and last night were contact that I should not have received under the existing peace order. He also found that the pornographic images were harassment sufficient to permit the order to be extended.

That’s what happened today.

Oh, one more thing …

Brett Kimberlin drove Bill Schmalfeldt to the courthouse today. What appeared to be the same silver Toyota Highlander photographed at BlogBash was parked at the courthouse.

24 thoughts on “What I Saw in Court Today

  1. So, if BK was there, under his theory, since he was not involved in the case, he was harassing you.

  2. Oh, I guess BU’s weather report was wrong. Again. “Clouds of butthurt have limited visibility in the Carroll County, Maryland area. Expect drizzles of stupid all weekend, with sunny skies due to arrive by Monday afternoon.”

    • There were large clouds of butthurt this morning, but they all seemed to have blown in from Howard County. The current conditions show clearing here in Carroll County, but extensive butthurt to the southeast.

  3. I can’t believe that 470 violations of a prior peace order was justification enough only of extending another peace order. Surely there was more said of this?

    • The matter before the court today was strictly limited to the extension. For the time being, enforcement for the violations of the order is in the hands of the State’s Attorney’s Office.

      • Although we do now have a finding from the judge who issued the order that it has been violated hundreds of times. I suspect that will make a suitable impression on the judge that considers the criminal charges.

  4. So was mr kreepy in view today, or was he skulking around the courthouse lot again, in that fetching scarf I hope.

      • He drove a Toyota Highlander? Perchance could it be the one owned by JTMP? If it is, what possible valid nonprofit reason could there be for him to be using the vehicle to provide a chauffeur service?

  5. Oh, Mr. Hoge, you poor sweet man. Don’t you see, the Omnipotent Oedipal One is just stringing you along. Now he has you right where he wants you and you will be powerless when he sends the MD troopers with their natty Sam Browne belts to haul you off to the pokey!

    {sotto voce}yes mother… {/vox}


    … yes I typed it… no, I don’t think Mr. Hoge’s account permits HTML in the comments, so I CAN’T make it bold italics for emphasis.

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