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Unless someone sends me a link to check out, I rarely bother with the hallucinatory postings found at Breitbart Unmasked. I did stop by yesterday afternoon after hearing that Xenophon had a post called William Hoge’s Downfall (No, I won’t link to it.). I started laughing at the first sentence.BU20131206Gentle Readers, I am amazed by my powers of persuasion. If Xenophon is correct, I’ve been able to get you to believe something I don’t and to do so without writing about it.

I’ve never expressed a goal of having Bill Schmalfeldt sent to jail. As I’ve written before, there may be more appropriate sanctions, and it will be up to a judge to decide. The hearing scheduled for today is about extending the peace order for another six months. It’s a civil matter, and no one’s going to jail as a direct result of it unless he’s foolish enough to engage in contempt in front of the judge.

It’s true that I have taken steps to have the current peace order enforced, but that isn’t the subject of this next hearing. It’s true that I am seeking to have Schmalfeldt held in contempt for his violations of the current peace order. That isn’t on the table today either.

My mind’s eye can already see the posts from Team Kimberlin about Hoge now backpedalling. That’s nonsense. Continuing to say the same thing I’ve always said isn’t backpedalling.

IIRC, it was Bill Schmalfeldt who was cocksure that I would be led away in handcuffs back in October, and he’s the one who has bloviated about my peril today. But facts have never been Breitbart Unmasked‘s strong suit.

We’ll see.

UPDATE: We saw.

6 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It has been entertaining to watch Matt & citizen blow this up into something bigger day by day. We know neither deals in facts, instead preferring to deal in Billcoin, and the result is what we see on Willy’s Twitter feed.

    • Well a few of us may of helped that along with idiots such a Matt & Citizen. Watching those two, along with Bill being lead by the nose the last week or so has been outstanding in laughter department. I mean from the Tick Tock tweets and the pictures to their frantic victim card totting blogging. These people are cheap free entertainment . Glorious indeed. In the meltdown department that is.

      • Here is I am going to give you a prime example of lack of common sense and stupidity department. In reference to Matty’s blog. In one paragraph he tells everyone and admits that Bill continues to use the @ feature on twitter to contact & harass people yet further down in another paragraph he says “who has changed accounts more than once in a vain effort to escape this attention. So now you know how that works.” Seriously, we couldn’t make up this amount of stupid if we tried. The rationalization skills from these people is down right frighten. Yet they wonder why they continue to get trolled and laughed at by a few of us.

  2. Uncharacteristically CBOBS is denyoing ever saying any such thing in October. He never said that you were going to be lead out in cuffs Because Perjury.. Yesir MD sure does take it’s Perjury seriously…and will drag you away no matter what court you are in. They don’t need to investigate either..they’ll just take the word of someone who has a court case against you pending, MD is really cool that way.

    • It’s the same old regurgitated shtick from him. If you’ve watched this blog and Stacey’s blog. You can see this isn’t the first time for Bill and friends with doing this. Stacey has done a fabulous job of point this out to everyone with his past with us(the Knot My Wisconsin crew), and few other people. Bill gets a few schmucks to believe him after he runs with some over dramatic story that is quite the bastardization of the actually truth. Gets the attention he seeks(because lets face facts here that Bill is just a lonely old deranged cyber stalker). Then when everyone starts laughing at him for his stupidity and his petty little internet threats . He gets pissed off and goes off the deep end . Which lands himself in either trouble with the law and or more people laughing at him. Most of the time, it’s both. Bill and his fan club don’t have the common sense to understand that. How do you think Howard Earl and I can literally give you guys a play by play of what is going to happen next on twitter? and be dead nuts about it? It’s because we’ve watched Billy in action in 2011 and 2012 do the exact same thing to us. He is so very predictable.

  3. Mental midget X citizen was mentioning this last night and the Cabin Boy got all excited about it. Guess even he doesn’t read their propaganda.

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