26 thoughts on “In Re #BillSchmalfeldt

  1. I think that this is a “turning of the tide” moment. I am not saying that this will stop CBOBS, but it should give TK (if only for a little while), reason to think about their strategy.
    Mr. Hoge, I congratulate you on this extension and especially for your strength and resolve during this fiasco.

  2. Fantastic news, John! Congratulations on a well-deserved victory over your harasser.

    Here’s to hoping Schmalfeldt treats these next six months in a far different, more lawful manner than he’s treated the last. Slow learners be slow.

  3. He can’t even get expressions right. “Shoe, meet the other foot?” That makes no sense. It’s “ass, meet the other shoe.” Also, he’s complaining that Zoa . . . good heavens . . . cares about her client instead of him and his physical ailments. What is the world coming to when your lawyer does her job? “Zoa Barnes told the judge she doesn’t care about my MS, or PD, “or whatever it is he says he has.” What do you want to bet he tried to play the PD card?

  4. Prediction: BS’s write-up will include how he went up hill both ways in the cold because, Parkinson’s! He will give us detailed descriptions of his aches and pains in order to elicit sympathy. He will say that the judge and Zoa had it in for him. He will threaten retaliation against WJJH once again.

  5. Don’t leave the impending coup counting attempts soon to be posted “he may have won once or twice but I won 13, or 15 or whatever times” heck he’ll probably start claiming victory on the 400+ twett charges just cause they weren’t brought up today seeing as how he doesn’t understand jack about legal procedure.

  6. By BS’s reckoning, if the judge acknowledged the 420+ contacts, that puts all those points in your column.


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