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This post is one of the most difficult post I’ve done in my two years of blogging. It’s about some of the stuff that I’ve received from Team Kimberlin that I’ve kept out of the public view.

Beginning in the late summer of 2012, Hogewash! began receiving comments from obviously bogus commenters. I don’t mean spam. This site gets plenty of that, but the filtering software catches well over 99% of it. Many of these comments were abusive remarks addressed to me or members of my family. All were in some way tied to my blogging about Brett Kimberlin.

After the peace order was granted against Bill Schmalfeldt, the rate such comments came in exploded.  I’ve got about 300 logged in since mid June. Gentle Reader, I’ve pulled out a dozen of them to show you a sample of what I’ve been receiving. They are from the mild end of the scale. As offensive as some of these may seem, they are rather tame compared to many other comments.

Gentle Reader, I don’t enjoy wasting pixels on such trash. I hate giving Team Kimberlin increased exposure on a blog with 10X the reach of their combined effort. OTOH, I want you to understand that the crap that I’ve been dealing with from Bill Schmalfeldt on Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg.

Preparing this post was like swimming in a sewer. I need a shower.

15 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I just want to remind everyone that it is almost 2014 and Kimberlin’s biggest Funder of the last decade, the threshold foundation, is yet to release their 2012 annual report. Hmm

  2. “OTOH, I want you to understand that the crap that I’ve been dealing with from Bill Schmalfeldt on Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg.”

    Somehow the mental midget Schmalfeldt reads this as you accusing him of leaving the comments you shared. It’s truly a wonder how he can twist even a clear sentence to make himself into a victim.

  3. First and foremost prayers of God’s grace and protection for you and your family.

    Second, one of your talents is foreshadowing, Mr. H.

    And, sir, I am almost done chopping wood for your fireplace. The butter knife you gave me for the job got a bit dull and I had to sharpen it!

  4. I think BS acted like he was accused, because he is guilty. He seems awfully focused on the comments not having tracks back to himself. How would he know what tracks they have or not?

    • How does he know they haven’t been tracked back? And to whom?

      Do you remember that story a few weeks ago about TOR being compromised … ?

      • Well, I certainly found it hard to believe that Carroll County would charge him with 80+ violations of the PO via email without some supporting evidence ….

  5. So, yes, interesting that he is braying not that he did not make the comments, but rather that Hoge cannot prove he did because of the IP.

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