Prevarication Du Jour

So Bill Schmalfeldt is spreading a tale about “the feds” going to visit The Dread Pirate Kimberlin to pick up a copy of his RICO suit …DBR201312060236What a waste of time! “The feds” could have simply downloaded a copy from PACER.pacer13-cv-03059_20131205BTW, the Amended Complaint that TDPK filed with the court is not the same as the one he served on me. Maybe “the feds” were doing a version check.

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  1. IF the feds did visit TDPK, and I don’t believe anything the talking wart says on any subject, I’d think it’d be more likely to be in line with an investigation OF TDPK and not of some bullshit lawsuit he’d file, but who knows…..@.@

  2. If I’m not mistaken, what Schmalfeldt is repeating here is a version of something Neal Rauhauser was saying a week or two ago.

    People who have paid attention have noticed that the RICO suit is very Patterico-centric, and everybody knows that Rauhauser’s the one who, in 2010, dreamed up the idea of using civil lawsuits to get “inside” the “network” of his enemies. Likewise, Rauhauser has been pitching his conspiracy theories at the FBI forever, and this RICO suit looks suspiciously like various versions of those pitches.

    So NR/BK talk to the FBI, and the FBI guys say, “send it to the U.S. Attorney” and . . . yeah, good luck with that. The feds don’t prosecute civil defamation and Kimberlin’s claims of conspiracy are absurd.

    Once again, Bill’s Team Kimberlin buddies are blowing sunshine up his skirt — “Hang in there, champ! We’re winning!” — in an effort to keep Bill from becoming demoralized.

    Bill may be deceived by this, but there’s no reason anyone else should be.

    • I don’t think anyone else, except possibly some of Bills “fans” are stupid enough to believe the crap he spouts. As Mr. Hoge pointed out, if the ‘feds’ wanted a copy they have ways of getting it other than visiting Kimberlin. Something tells me that Kimberlin is desperately hoping someone, anyone, will settle even for a dollar, so he can claim a victory and drop everything. I think he badly miscalculated the opposition he would face and is now trying anything and everything to get out from under the humiliation that awaits him in court.

  3. This is another characteristic of people like BS – they pretend to know what they’re talking about, donning an air of faux sophistication that anyone with a modicum of experience can see through. For example, BS claims that tweeting this is reporting the news, even though he has admittedly not verified it with law enforcement. (Interesting hypocrisy here, as well, since he periodically claims that tweeting is not reporting.) As you pointed out, the complaint is available on PACER and at the court. So, this is not news, it’s unverified GOSSIP.

    Another one: the Bunny Man asking BS if he had confirmed the story “with the USAA.” Bill not only didn’t know what the acronym meant, legal eagle that he is, but his buddy got it wrong, too: it’s “AUSA,” for Assistant US Attorney.

  4. As a consumer, I am concerned about this new kickstarter fundraiser that he started. He wants to raise $1500, discloses (good for him) that it will cover his radio expenses (about $99 a month), and the rest will go to charity. Well, that means that if he raises the money, 20% or $300 will be donated. That’s not a lot, but percentage-wise, not too bad. What there is no track record of, however, is that he will stick to a PD format. Previously, that had lasted about a week. He has changed formats three times in the past ten days or so. He always reverts back to his hate radio schtick to attack his perceived enemies.

  5. I can’t think anyone but his usual set of monster pals would have anything to do with that endeavor. And even then it wouldn’t really be to support anything about PD – its just a way to keep him in peanut butter and shower shoes and perhaps pay him without owning that BK is subsidizing his “work.”

  6. Oh, my, the deranged cyber stalker, Bill Schmalfeldt, is calling you a crybaby for posting that people call you names… (my cap locks are about to get stuck) …THIS IS THE SAME GUY WHO HAD MATT OSBORNE CONTACT YOU TO TELL YOU TO STOP CALLING HIM NAMES, AND TO CONTROL THE INTERNET TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES, TOO. BS is the crybaby, who delights in posting about wetting his pants to gain sympathy.

  7. Quoting from Stacy here, “everybody knows that Rauhauser’s the one who, in 2010, dreamed up the idea of using civil lawsuits to get “inside” the “network” of his enemies.”

    Absolutely. Here’s the money shot:

    Quoting from Stacy again: “Likewise, Rauhauser has been pitching his conspiracy theories at the FBI forever, and this RICO suit looks suspiciously like various versions of those pitches.”

    No doubt. Rauhauser seems to be the mouthpiece for Kimberlin on Twitter. You constantly hear Rauhauser speaking for Kimberlin and threatening unnamed people while referencing that lawsuit. If Kimberlin didn’t like that, he would have shut Rauhauser up and that hasn’t happened. So you can most definitely include Rauhauser in on all of this. You should counter-sue and include him as a defendant.

    I’m so sick of watching these jackasses hiding behind a keyboard and smirking that you can’t catch them IRL. That’s an admittance of guilt right there.

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