Hoge Logic Explained

DBR201312061621ZYep. That’s it. And it’s the same logic that makes my AT&T ring my iPhone if you dial my number. It’s the same logic that makes the U. S. Postal Service deliver mail to my mailbox if you put my address on the envelope. It’s the same logic that makes the Internet route email to my account if you use my email address. It’s the same logic that makes …

15 thoughts on “Hoge Logic Explained

  1. You type in the letters and symbols, and then Twitter sends it to that person. Contact. Duh.

    And, if it’s not contact? Then why isn’t OCCBS still sending @mentions to wjjhoge? Because he knows it is, otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped.

    It’s an argument he can’t win. So, now he has to play stupid. Not that there’s much playing involved… he’s stupid in very many areas, but he knew damn well he was contacting you every time a tweet of his went out with @wjjhoge.

    • But alas, he’s already admitted that it is contact and he knows that to be the case. And if memory serves, Judge Stansfield told him it was contact and not to do it when he issued the order. Res Judicata and all that.

      • That letter still cracks me up since no one @mentioned Bill at all. I sent a tweet to Mr. Hoge. There was no way Bill would have seen the tweet unless he was actively searching twitter of “Schmalfeldt”. But we know he does that obsessively. Bill just could not resist butting in as usual and failed to remove Mr. Hoge from the tweet. Then he lies and says people were trying to trick him. Bill certainly has an interesting concept of reality and truth.

  2. ever notice, if you go to report someone (say @deepbrainradio) on twitter for abuse, it says:

    What are you reporting?
    I think the user has multiple accounts they are using to directly @reply me and others.
    This user keeps sending me @replies and I don’t want to receive them.
    This user is saying really offensive things, but is not sending me @replies.

    sure looks like Twitter considers @&name& as contact

  3. Glad to see you are currently at the computer screen capping, since he just admitted that sending a letter to someone is harassment. You know, like the letter the Bunny guy sent to you for BS, helpfully stating that BS composed it himself and asked the bunny guy to deliver. Nice.

  4. So, on Monday, he’s going to go to court with his “assistant” (how does a guy on social security pay for that? Could SOMEONE ELSE be paying for that? Is that a form of compensation?) and try to relitigate all the issues that are estopped by the doctrine of res judicata. If the judge does what he did before, BS will once again claim that the judge is a corrupt, ignorant country rube who also has “the hots” for Zoa. And he will once again ignore the PO. How do I know this? Because he has admitted that he will, and that his plan is to force WJJH into costly litigation, and that his “good friend” BK plans to keep sueing WJJH back to the “stone age.”. Fortunately, the Elkridge Perry Mason and his cotton-tailed agent have helpfully documented all of this, so Zoa will have a few exhibits of her own. Of course, it would be very nice to get this admitted into evidence so that it is part of the court record that future judges and SA will be able to review.

    • Last time he was in court his “assistant” was Kimberlin’s bodyguard. So if Kimberlin pays for a bodyguard, but the bodyguard is represented to the court as Schmalfeldt’s “assistant” I would imagine there could be a case made that either Kimberlin directly OR one of his non profits (depending on what funds are used to pay the bodyguard) is funding Bill in some manner. It would be interesting to see what entity is actually paying for the bodyguard. And why do you think a convicted terrorist feels the need for a bodyguard to appear at a court house? Who is after him? Who has he pissed off so badly that he needs protection in a courthouse?

  5. Is there a possibility the judge will just throw CBBS in the slammer for Contempt of Court? Even 1 day per count will take Cabin Boy out of circulation for quite a while…

  6. Love how he needs to dilute the term we started using of “Schmalfeldtian Logic” (my fave – “S-Logic”) must have struck bone with that one.

    • He, and now Osborne, copy ideas from the people they despise all the time. Osborne is also quite ignorant of the events of the past year, yet claims otherwise. Just today he thought that BS had never met BK, when they’ve met several times.

  7. Don’t forget that Cabin Boy’s beloved mentor, and probable ACME Law principle, claimed that just writing his name on a blog post was “contact” because of Google alerts.

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