3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Stay Healthy

  1. You may have spoken too soon about Medicare. With the coming cuts (mostly towards the popular and successful Medicare Advantage if I’m reading correctly) plus other factors it may be a bumpy ride as well.
    In fact, somewhat fittingly, my Angie’s List magazine for this cycle is all about people who can’t keep their doctors on Medicare as a result of cuts.

  2. If you had asked me 10 years ago, or even 5, if I thought Tricare medical benefits were good, I’d have laughed at you. However…. they haven’t changed since then, with the same co-pays, deductibles, and max out of pocket cap ($3K for a retiree family!) and I’d had to drop my insurance through work because it got too expensive (and a good thing we didn’t need it since the company restructured me out of a job) because my share of the premiums alone was going to be $4.5K with a $2K deductible and a max out of pocket cap of $10K for next year (up significantly from last year for the same plan).

    Also interesting is that 10 years ago it could be hard to find doctors who accepted Tricare because it paid more poorly than Medicare or even Medicaid, and they often had to spend more on staff time trying to get paid than they got paid. Now, they seem to be quite happy to see a military ID as your insurance card.

    I’m waiting to see how they are going to screw with military benefits now, probably starting to make even Tricare Standard pay premiums, upping co-pays and caps, etc., etc., but at least it hasn’t happened yet.

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