12 thoughts on “Ahem

  1. Of course it did. Everyone decided to ignore him. To just leave alone and talk amongst ourselves. But Bill can’t allow anyone to do that. Oh no. He must intrude on EVERYONE’S conversation. I said he would do it and 3 hours later, he did it.

    Which proves that you can’t leave Bill alone and expect to be left alone by Bill. He will NEVER stop. He will NEVER leave you alone. He will continue to STALK people.

    My suggestion is to ignore Bill until the December 9th hearing. Do not speak to him. Do not respond to him. Do not give him the time of day. Allow him to fall over himself for the next 5 days.

    He needs attention, so deny him.

  2. Oh bother. Now I really need to work on a plan to make travel arrangements. I have a feeling his beat down will be epic.

    • Amazing that he butted in on your tweet about him butting in. Simply amazing. And, IIRC, that is what started all his problems.

      • Yep, he butted in on a tweet I sent to Mr. Hoge and that started his epic downfall. He is such a stupid little man. (And by little I mean intelligence and character, not girth, which is epic)

  3. Well, the “be ready to testify” comment demonstrates that Cabin Boy still does not understand how badly he’s been served by ACME Law.

  4. Coprophiliac Bill Schmalfeldt’s behavior, translated:

    “Hey, judge. You’re not the boss of me! You can sniff my taint!”

    Be interesting to see how that goes over, come Monday next.

    • I thought that writing about pooping his pants was bad, but now he is tweeting – to the whole world – how “humiliated” he feels because he peed his pants. When I did that – and yes, I did, when I was recuperating from major surgery and couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time – I did not announce it to everybody. What is wrong with this guy?

  5. A day or two ago, he changed his 24/7 PD-devoted broadcasting back to the usual stuff, now called “the Power Station.” Since his twitter handle no longer makes sense, look for another new twitter handle. Just keep adding them to the list for the judge to prove that blocking BS would not work.

    • Strange that he went to PD programming, got a bunch of followers just for the PD information, then jumps back into his usual BS radio. Ploy for followers so people don’t realize how pathetic he is and how few “real” followers he has?

  6. Now you’ve gone and done it! You’ve caused OCCBS to pee himself! Vengeance shall be his!

    Pooping himself? No problem. :-p

    Good Lord, this man is insane.

    His dead mama would be so proud…

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