You Keep Using That Word …

… I do not think it means what you think it means.

Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t like being referred to as “oedipal.” He says that it means that he wants to have sex with his mother. This is the sort of thinking that might be expected from someone who gets his education in psychology from Tom Leher songs.

There once lived a man named Oedipus Rex.
You may have heard about his odd complex.
His name appears in Freud’s index
‘Cause he loved his mother.

Those of us who actually took PSYCH101 (I did almost 50 years ago) have a different understanding of “oedipal,” as it refers to the Oedipus Complex. According to Freud, all children go through a stage of attachment to the opposite sex parent that results in repressed anxiety with respect to the same sex parent. Psychologically healthy individuals mature past that phase. Unresolved son–father competition might result in a phallic stage fixation conducive to a boy becoming an aggressive, over-ambitious, vain man. Maturing past that phase and identifying with his father allows the boy to internalize morality. As he matures, he will choose to comply with societal rules, rather than reflexively complying in fear of punishment.

I have no idea about the actual state of the Cabin Boy’s psycho-social development. However, I can understand why someone might believe that he has developmental issues and refer to him as “oedipal.” That does’t imply that he wishes to have sex with anyone.

It would seem that his ignorance of Freudian psychology approaches his lack of knowledge of law.

18 thoughts on “You Keep Using That Word …

  1. BS’s ignorance of Freudian psychology is the first thing I have learned about him that is to his credit.

  2. When I saw the title of this piece, my first thought was that the word in question was “funny”, which the Cabin Boy keeps incorrectly applying to his parodies, comics and vids.

    Yours is better, but the explanation is way over his intellectual level.

  3. “Unresolved son–father competition might result in a phallic stage fixation conducive to a boy becoming an aggressive, over-ambitious, vain man.”

    If you consider the grandiosity of his attempts to rid the world of evil with his petty attempts at harassing people on the internet an example of over-ambition, that sure fits Bill Schmalfeldt to a tee. That does lead to the obvious question as to whether, or not, the rest of the syndrome applies to him? When you write, “That doesn’t imply that he wishes to have sex with anyone.,” you are being completely correct. It is also completely correct to note that it doesn’t imply the converse either. At this point we only know that it quacks like a duck. We don’t know either way if it walks like a duck. Until and unless we do, it is inappropriate to say that it is a duck.

    This is probably not a good time to note his fixation with anal sex.

  4. Bill seems to be coming a little unwound over all of this. He makes a big deal about sitting with his mom while she passed. He leaves out that he was hate tweeting the entire time. Piece of work that Cabin Boy is.

  5. A meltdown is in the offing. He is pretending to have a fit about you retweeting this stuff about him, and is working himself up into a lather. He is under the delusion that he is going to present this topic in court. He is not. It is irrelevant, protected speech, and . . . RES JUDICATA still applies.

    • “Your honor, the PO should not be extended because Mr. Hoge retweeted something said ABOUT me.”

      “Protected speech! PO extended!”

      • “Well, yes, your honor, I tweeted @wjjhoge over 400 times while under a PO, but … Cassidy! First Amendment! Journalism! Parkinson’s!”

        “RES JUDICATA!”

      • “Yes, your honor, I wrote those tweets where I said that I intended to keep violating the law and appealing decisions just to drive up his attorney’s fees, but … wheelchair! Did I mention Parkinson’s?”

        “PO EXTENDED!”

  6. I think someone is having homoerotic fantasies again! Odd choice of words for this sex act – taking it “like a man.”

    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 2m
    WJJ Hoge’s moron followers seem to think that my role at the Dec. 9 hearing is to show up, bend over the table, and take it like a man.
    11:17 AM – 1 Dec 13

  7. Nowhere have I seen CBBS referred to as Necrophiliac Oedipal Bill Schmalfeldt. The “sex with his dead mother” stuff came from his own twisted mind. But, we all know he is a sick pervert from that and everything else he says,

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