#BillSchmalfeldt and Bluto

What kind of self-image does Bill Schmalfeldt have?

A reader sent me a link to a tweet with a YouTube video that the Cabin Boy posted this morning. The theme of the video is the lopsided defeat of one football team by another which I guess is supposed to symbolize the thrashing he imagines he will give me in court on 9 December. He’s used scenes lifted from an old Popeye cartoon.

popeye-canIn that cartoon, Bluto’s team is a bunch of large thugs who start out winning by brute force and violating the rules. Does Bill Schmalfeldt really self-identify with Bluto?

One more thing … the Cabin Boy’s little video doesn’t show you what happens after Popeye has his spinach and who really wins in the end.

UPDATE—Final Scorepopeye v bluto

5 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt and Bluto

  1. Better watch out Mr. Hoge. He has a sooper seekret law that he is going to unleash to “smash your head with a sledgehammer”. It’s bigger than Cassidy!!!11!!!!

  2. His sports metaphors are poor, at best. It would be more like boxing.
    His first “win” was the district court rejecting the peace order. It’s appeal rendered it a no-contest, with a rematch that you won. You then won with the motion the modify, and the appeal.
    Sorry, that’s 3-0.

    As for the criminal charges? That’s like applying for a fight license, and the athletic commision rejecting the license. it’s not even a no-contest, it simply never was prosecuted. And in other states, it would be like a police officer finding probable cause, but the State’s attorney declining to prosecute because they have other cases that are higher priority. Justice moves slowly with repeated petty offenses. And regardless of the true effects, online harassment only seems to be taken seriously if a teen kills themselves over it…OR if you harass a politician…

    • To improve upon you boxing analogy, the peace order cases might be described as a bout in which the Cabin Boy won Rounds 1 and 2 on points but was knocked out in Round 3.

      The Motion to Modify and Appeal nonsense would be the grudge match in which I won Round 1 on points and scored a TKO in Round 2.

      That would make my won/loss record 2-0.

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