What the Recording System Heard in Court Today

While discussing the identity of the anonymous blogger with the judge this morning, here is exactly what Brett Kimberlin said:

9:39:40 am “I don’t even know who the person is.”

Digital recordings of hearings and trials at the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse are available immediately after their conclusion. I have a copy of this morning’s audio.

15 thoughts on “What the Recording System Heard in Court Today

  1. Now how can that be possible? Both the Cabin Boy and Neal have both said with certainty who it is. Neal says it Aaron. Schmalfeldt says it some lady that he doxed. So how can Brett Kimberlin say under oath he doesn’t know who it is unless either he, or Neal and Schmalfeldt are lying? Interesting.

    • Looks like Bill Schmalfeldt has been caught bluffing again. He seems to figure that if he confidently presents his speculations as fact he’ll induce KU to identify himself. He had two problems, first KU isn’t playing along, and second, Brett Kimberlin knee-capped him in court this morning. I’m sure he’ll announce his next suspect soon enough with similar bravado. We need only remind him how badly it turned out last time.

      I can’t believe that Neal Raushauser is stupid enough to believe that KU is Aaron Walker. He fancies himself as smart, but, his people skills are obviously lacking. Aaron Walker is about as straight-up of a guy as I have encountered. Once upon a time in America, that was high praise. Folks like Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt and Raushauser target folks like Aaron Walker because they know that they can use their virtue against them. They know their cynical lies will be meet with appeals to Truth. They know how to exploit their sincerity. In the last analysis, for all their preening about living in fear for their personal safety they target folks like Aaron Walker because they know however badly they abuse their victims those targets will play by the rules. KU’s personality doesn’t seem nearly as straight-laced. He writes with more humor. When Aaron Walker writes he makes straightforward points. KU’s are much subtler. Aaron Walker writes from a lawyer’s perspective. KU writes from a layman’s perspective. If Aaron Walker could affect these traits he wouldn’t Aaron Walker. I can understand Raushauser discounting your observation that you have simultaneously conversed with both men with one present, but, I can’t understand how he could overlook their obvious differences. “Persona management” is Raushauser’s game, not Aaron Walker’s.

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