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Brett Kimberlin runs a couple of spectacularly ineffective not-for-profits. He brags about the petitions he circulates, but he rarely talks about results. Here’s a worked example of why. (You can click on the image to embiggen it.) This petition is sponsored by NRA Watch which is one of the projects of The Dread Pirate Kimblerlin’s 501(c)4, Velvet Revolution US.VRUS_GunPetitionThis petition was put up in early May. It’s been up over six months and has only 16 signatures.


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  1. Obviously if the goal of these charities is to free that Pussy Riot band or stop the NRA or whatever the cause of the day is, they are not successful.

    But Breaking Bad fans might recall another use of online charities when Walter White’s lawyer had his illicit drug earnings funneled into donations to the Walter White charity few real people were paying attention to.

    So don’t be so quick to call ‘fail’ on this. We don’t know what the real goal was. When I read Citizen K I was surprised by how successful and devious Mr Kimberlin was reported to be, particularly in his drug business. Maybe these charities are successful for their intended purpose, which would explain why the bad guys reacted with the degree of venom and ruthlessness they did at what amounted to criticism online. Most political entities expect and even welcome a hearty argument, as it draws attention to their cause, and draws those who are inclined to agree. Those who are particularly upset that they are getting attention, in my experience, are trying to avoid attention for some reason.

    At least that’s what I thought a few years ago when I read Citizen K and learned about this guy. Since then I’ve seen the attention given him explode as good people saw fit to criticize his behavior. It’s not a total comfort to the afflicted and the victims of Mr Kimberlin’s violent crimes, but it’s something.

    • “Most political entities expect and even welcome a hearty argument…”

      Not the left. The left expects obedience, complete and instant. Any disagreement is a direct assault on them that they cannot distinguish from a PHYSICAL assault.

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re correct about JMTP being a money-laundering scheme. ISTR it’s gotten money from the “Tides Foundation”, which *IS* a money-laundering scheme.

  2. Plus, it misses the obvious: kids can’t buy guns. Guns are marketed to adults because they are the only ones who can legally obtain them.

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  4. I’ve never seen a firearm ad targeted at kids. That picture is someone’s personal, family photo. I’d bet good money the family involved would be seriously skeeved over its use by an organization staffed with suspected and convicted pedophiles.

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