Prevarications Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt has posted a marvelously hallucinatory piece over at his Patriot-Ombudsman web site (No, I won’t link to it.) in which he lays out yet another version of the history behind the peace order issued against him and his ongoing violations. It’s full of whoppers, but I’ll only consider two in this post.P-O20131123a

That is a lie, and the Cabin Boy knows it. When he first made that claim, I responded by publishing the first two pages of the Application for Statement of Charges filed on 12 November (the remaining 39 pages contain nothing but the texts of tweets sent by Schmalfeldt). There is nothing in my complaint which seeks his arrest, and I was surprised when a warrant was issued. The Cabin Boy has now been served all 41 pages. If his claim were true, he has the evidence to confirm it. Why doesn’t he publish it? He can’t because it doesn’t exist.

The warrant was later rescinded, but a rumor began circulating that it had be reinstated. Here’s a lie about that—


No, I didn’t. The first time I heard anything about the warrant being reinstated was when these tweets appeared on my Interactions page—@WMSBroad201311132123ZWMSBroad201311132123ZaNote the timestamps—4:23 pm, 13 Nov 13. The first mention on Hogewash! of the possibility of the warrant being reinstated was in an update to my post linked above. The original post is timestamped 4:25 pm, so I was preparing that post when the Cabin Boy’s tweets went out. The update, which was written after I read the tweets above, is timestamped 4:54 pm. While there was some Twitter traffic by others, I didn’t tweet anything about the warrant until 9:17 am the next day.@wjjhoge201311141217Z

Bill Schmalfeldt was the source of the rumor about the warrant being reinstated.

The Cabin Boy doesn’t seem to comprehend that “facts” are checkable. Internet traffic is timestamped, and there are people who are capturing all of his Internet traffic. Deleting tweets and posts, even whole websites, won’t erase what he’s done.

Accountability is lurking just around the corner.

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