That’s a acronym for the Kübler-Ross model for the five stages of grief. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Bill Schmalfeldt seems to be oscillating through the middle three. When he pulled the plug on political radio and stopped using @wjjhoge in his tweets, it looked as if he might be moving into the Depression stage, but some of his recent tweets appear to show that he has slipped backward.

I became aware of those tweets when I checked out this link that Stacy McCain sent.@rsmccain201311232037Z

Here’s what I found—DBR20131123So many lies, so little time … I’ll just hit the highlights.

1. I don’t want Bill Schmalfeldt to go to jail for over 350 years, but I do want him held accountable for his harassment. It’s a judge’s job to sort that out, not mine. He is the one who chose to violate the peace order 351 times, to engage in a course of harassing conduct intended to alarm or seriously annoy me, and to do it by means of electronic messages sent to me and received by me. I have merely shown what he has done to the proper authorities.

2/3. I do not recall ever leaving a comment on one of Bill Schmalfeldt’s blogs. Perhaps he is upset because so much of what he publishes makes into my Prevarication Du Jour feature. An easy way to avoid that is to stop lying. If he didn’t want me to know what he was blogging, he shouldn’t have sent me pingback comments or tweets announcing the posts.

4. What makes the Cabin Boy think that I’ve gone to any significant effort to search for his Twitter accounts? There are lots of folks who have been looking for information about him, and some of them share it with me. Of course, it’s trivially easy to do a search for “Schmalfeldt” on Twitter. That returns such interesting accounts as @SchmalfeldtTeam.

5. I prefer not to get into the Cabin Boy’s scatological fixation.

6. I have my reasons.

7. I don’t. However, on any day that I have received a tweet from Schmalfeldt, I have backed up his Twitter account because of his habit of deleting tweets or whole accounts. I’m not the only person who does such logging.

8. If the Cabin Boy believes that I am stalking him, then he probably thinks that Mrs. Walker was stalking Brett Kimberlin when she photographed him stalking her in the parking lot of the Howard County Courthouse. It’s as if he’s saying, “No fair! You’re documenting what I’ve done.”

There’s one other significant, I hope, thing I see in those tweets. They refer to me without using @wjjhoge. Perhaps this means that the Cabin Boy has finally figured out how to write about me without writing to me.

We will see.

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  1. Oh, he’s using the word “hubris” again. You know, the one he kept using before he lost in court multiple times. He should look it up.

  2. The other odd thing is his deluded way of counting “wins” – does he really think it matters to people like BK and Gillette how many times they may have gotten away with something when they were sitting in the slammer for the crimes they didn’t get away with? A prosecutor once told me that criminals tend to think they’re infallible, but they usually get caught and put away for something. He said that’s why he didn’t sweat losses too much – he knew they’d trip up eventually, and his goal was to be there when that happened.

  3. So, if I’m following this: He understands enough now to know that you both will be discussing his online behavior with a judge soon. Still, he does not understand why you would be gathering evidence of his online behavior. If I understand the nature of the case, you’ll want to be able to tell the judge when the harassment stopped, since you know HE won’t be able to remember. You’ll also need to tell about the multiple accounts, deleted accounts and multiple websites, living and dead. Plus, your research could uncover possible ADA, CDC, RICO, SUAVE, and Taft-Hartley Act violations.

    But mostly I think he’s frustrated that someone is trying very hard to get him to live within the minimum requirements of civil society. I have worked with children who have the same odd view of life. You Are the aggressor in their minds because you won’t let them do everything they think is okay. “Hey, get out of that chair, I was gonna sit there.” In Shmalfeldt’s case he’s upset that you hold him accountable for harassing. You should be ashamed!

    • You should also remember that he has reverted to attacking targets like Lee Stranahan, and expanding his harassment to friends or co-defendants of WJJH.

  4. 1. Just 2 days ago, BS announced a change of focus in his life. A desire to be positive:
    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 22 Nov
    .@Xcitizen10 @DInHouston I truly feel sorry for people like Dee who hate for the sake of hate. I am switching my focus to positive things.
    6:45 AM – 22 Nov 13

    2. Later that same day, he interrupted a conversation that did not include him. Can you feel the positive energy?:
    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 22 Nov
    .@Stranahan @qritiq You’re a liar. You’re a thief, you pimped your wife , and you let your baby die because Ayn Rand. Fuck you. 4:54 PM – 22 Nov 13

    3. The very next day, yesterday, BS affirmed his new path to enlightenment:
    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 23 Nov
    @Tomblvd @Stranahan @qritiq The useless of using radio to try to fight these evil bastards. The desire to spend my money on positive energy. 4:40 AM – 23 Nov 13

    4. He then proceeded to harass a donor to Bomber Sues Blogger. Something that might be worth pointing out in court as further evidence of his expanding circle of harassment to include anyone associated in any way with WJJH. As a bonus, he posted an unredacted police org chart. Hhm. Who else had a meltdown recently that involved threatening a LEO?:
    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 19h
    Does the Chief of Police of the U of Texas, Austin, PD know that one of his communications officers is an islamophobe? Dustin?
    1:29 PM – 23 Nov 13

    5. BS enters his “sweaty palmed happy place” – visions of the death at his hands of his perceived enemy:
    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio
    Hoge grabs the dagger from my hand and plunges it into his own, ample belly.
    5:49 PM – 23 Nov 13

    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 15h
    And THAT isn’t even the sword he handed me to decapitate him in court with. That baby stays in the scabbard until I need it. Poor Hoge. 5:54 PM – 23 Nov 13

    Deep Brain Radio ‏@DeepBrainRadio 1h
    But now that WJJ Hoge has given me the sledge hammer I will use to splatter his brains all over the courthouse walls should it come to that.7:25 AM – 24 Nov 13 · Details

    • Swords… sledgehammers… AND, guns:

      @DeepBrainRadio: Yesterday, WJJ Hoge hands me the gun to put one between his eyes in court, today Lynn Thomas suffers a mental breakdown. Life is good.
      11/24/13 10:17 AM

      As I mentioned on Twitter… what’s next? Talk of bombs?

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