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It seems as if The Dread Pirate Kimberlin has a great deal of difficulty with the truth and that this is not a new problem. Beginning on page 360 of Citizen K, Mark Singer tells the story of a June, 1996, trip to Ukraine he took with Brett Kimberlin. The purpose of the trip was to develop business deals for Lada Express, a company that TDPK founded as he was being released on parole. The tale paints of a picture of Kimberlin cutting significant business deals.

Hindsight cuts through the smoke and mirrors. By November, 1997, Kimberlin’s parole was being revoked. There were two reasons given. First, he had failed to make any restitution payments to a victim of one of his bombings which was one of the terms of his release on parole. Second, he had committed fraud on a mortgage application.

He was bankrupt. If the hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits on those deals ever existed, they could not be accounted for, and his company Lada Express became defunct. In 1998, the Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation revoked its corporate charter for failure to file paperwork due in early 1997.LadaExpressBrett Kimberlin is suing four codefendants and me for publishing truthful things about him. You can help us fight back against his assault on our First Amendment rights. Go to BomberSuesBloggers to find out how.

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  2. This brings up a topic that I have always been puzzled by. We have heard so much about these “business deal” trips to the Ukraine. I would really find it fascinating to see someone explore what Kimberlin was actually “dealing” in, in the Ukraine. What funded these “businesses” and see someone trace the funds/goods involved.

    But it may be too late.

    However, I suspect that there is a lot of fascinating material there.

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