Prevarication Du Jour

One thing about Bill Schmalfeldt, he never lets the truth get in the way of his nonsensical allegations.WMSBroad201311202247Z“… a fierce hatred of Muslims?” I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Christian, so I believe that Muslims are mistaken in their religious views, but that doesn’t mean that I hate them.

Furthermore, while I have published criticism of Islamic terrorists, Hogewash! has never tried to tar all Muslims with their guilt.

Schmalfeldt needs to put up or shut up on this one. Either he needs to cite a specific post from this blog that a reasonable person would construe as expressing hatred for Islam or Muslims as a whole, or he needs to offer a retraction and apology. If he can find such a post, I will retract it and apologize for it—and I will donate $1,000 to the National Parkinson Foundation.

15 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Well, you certainly don’t suffer fools lightly.

    And, of course, certain fools would be confused by almost any post, rational or otherwise.

    So you can see how certain fools might act foolishly and just assume something foolish.

    Or he is just lying his butt off again in a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy by reciting the “conservatives-are-racist” progressive meme.

    I think most informed readers know what is most likely. Though the fool in question has demonstrated foolishness beyond doubt.

  2. A retraction? He does not do retractions. Occasionally, he will claim to apologize, but he will allow the defamatory posts to stand. That is why he cannot claim protection behind journalist shield laws. He has not retracted his screeds calling RSM a liar and insisting he lives in Maryland. Fresh on the heels of that miserable failed excuse for reporting, he is now claiming that RSM lives in a trailer (6 people total) even though RSM says he doesn’t. BS never learns, and the time to pay for his misdeeds is nearing.

  3. i find the Muslim thing curious. For example, these guys keep saying that Walker authored a Muslim hate blog. Theoretically this all got started over Weinergate, and Weiner’s wife is from a family with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. VR and JTMP say that they support Muslim musical acts, and are very much against the US “War on Terror.”

    Curious, innit?

  4. Has anyone noticed that the Cabin Boy, X3noph0n, and First Mate like to talk in the first person plural? “We are changing our website.” “We are very interested in your Google profile.” Has anyone noticed that some of them have a history of mysoginy? Has anyone noticed that each one of thinks he’s in control and running the kook show? Has anyone noticed that they’re cyberstalkers?

  5. They are quite obvious in their strategy. Starting with the “lets draw Mo…” day they’ve wanted some deranged Islamist to take a shot at Walker, Stranahan or anyone associated with the event. Equal parts cunning, desperation and spinelessness. Notice BK went full Monte on this idea in the fed. lawsuit. I’ve never even read much here about Islam. Pretty sure you have an intense dislike for stupid. Maybe that upsets them.

  6. This is what BS does – make stupid, unsupportable allegations, backed by evidence that only a drunk baboon would find convincing. He couldn’t find his ass with two hands, a map and a mag lite. So, e.g., KU is some woman that BS immediately started to harass with his “I WANT IT ALL, DOUG,” routine? He “discovered” it in between tweeting about his PD, and calling women whores? Right. See my comment about the map. This has FMNR’s fingerprints all over it. Does either one of these towering intellects actually read, oh, let’s say, the freaking briefs filed in a court action before they start making accusations? How have they survived this long without caretakers?

  7. Unsurprisingly, BS just backed-off his allegation, in a slimy way, of course:

    WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting 12m

    I am not going to bother to play Hoge’s game. I could find a post where he says All Muslims Must Die and he would deny that is what he meant


    IOW, he got nothin’.

    • Which further supports my contention regarding the ass, map, and mag lite. I just punched in “Muslims” as a search term on this blog, and there are less than ten entries; all but one deal with BK and AW litigation. The one entry includes the term in an ecerpt that refers to them as people of faith. *gasp* BS is a flying monkey sent out to harass. Seriously, his “investigative” skills are this lame … And he won’t even read documents that he has posted on one of his numerous blogs before he starts making idiotic accusations.

      • Most likely his copies of the Applications for Statement of Charges. The first case is 10 pages. The second is 41 pages. The third is 20 pages. The fourth is 8 pages.

        It took a lot of paper to print out all 351 tweets.

      • In some of those tweets he asked about how to direct tweets to your followers. The First Amendment states he has a right to talk about you. A judge has ordered him not to talk to you, or harass you in any way. He immediately set out on a course of conduct to harass anyone who associates with you by attempting to send unsolicited tweets to them. Now, he did a bad job. @wjjhoge sent those tweets to you, but, not your followers. But, that doesn’t alter the fact that he formulated a plan to harass you, and, took actual steps to execute that plan.

        The Peace Order process is either peace through state force, or, it is a set of rules that can be gamed. Bill Schmalfeldt has acted under the assumption that he was free to harass you until you obtained a peace order against him. Then, he was free to harass your family, at any place other than your home, until they obtained an order. Then, he was free to harass your followers until each of them obtained an order. If all of your followers obtained Peace Orders, feelers were sent about harassing the membership of your church. In every case, he felt free to retaliate against the Peace Order by filing a series of specious appeals. Of course, each and every one of those Peace Order would expire in six months requiring each one to be re-litigated through numerous layers of appeals.

        Either, “Stop!” means “Stop!” or it doesn’t. A judge is going to have to ask himself if he really told Bill Schmalfeldlt to stop harassing you?

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