Prevarication Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt has imagined a way that he would like for Twitter to work and uses that as a basis to try to support his continuing violation of the no contact provision of the peace order issued against him.WMSBroad201311162011Z

The Cabin Boy imagines that sending an @mention to me causes his tweet to appear in the timelines of my followers. Does it?


As a demonstration of that fact, consider these tweets that the Cabin Boy sent at 4:07 and 4:08 pm this afternoon.WMSBroad201311162107ZNow, take look at the timeline of the @hogewash Twitter account. That account follows @wjjhoge and does not have @WMSBroadcasting blocked. You can click on the image to embiggen it.@hogewash201311162110Z

Notice that the account received tweets from Suzie Q. at 4:06 pm and Stacy McCain at 4:09 pm but did not receive Schmalfeldt’s tweets at 4:07 and 4:08.  Simply put, Twitter doesn’t work the way the Cabin Boy claims it does.

He keeps asking if there is a way to communicate with my followers on Twitter without using @wjjhoge. There are several. One would be to go down the list of my followers and tweet or DM directly to them. Another would be to write something sufficiently interesting that his readership significantly intersected with mine.

He needs to try something because tweeting to me via @wjjhoge doesn’t reach my followers and isn’t necessary to reach his. But it is a violation of the peace order.

As of 5 pm this evening …S-O-T201311162300ZUPDATE—Not long after this post went up, the Cabin Boy was on the Twitterz doing a bit of arm waving to try to convince the gullible that things work like he says. They don’t.

After his “demonstration,” I ran a controlled test using @wjjhoge (my main account), @hogewash (my backup account), and a third cooperating account. When the third account was following both accounts, it received @mentions of wjjhoge from hogewash. When it was following wjjhoge only, it did not receive the @mentions from hogewash.

The Cabin Boy’s scheme only works for accounts that follow both of us.

I hope he’s wearing Nomex Depends.


29 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Funny, I am a follower on Twitter and I don’t see his @Mentions of you unless I go to your timeline itself, thus his imagining that using @wjjhoge sends a message to me or my timeline is just stupid. Of course, we’re talking the Cabin Boy here, so stupidity is a given …

  2. Thank you, having re-read Twitters FAQ it irks me to know end how BS just goes on and on and ON about how he’s “just tweeting to your followers”. It’s bullcrap and he KNOWS it’s bullcrap but keeps right on spouting it.
    Believe me, as vile and disgusting as many of his tweets are, IF twitter did work that way, he’d be blocked by most of your followers rather quickly….

  3. So maybe he is going to try to setup his defense before the judge by claiming “Oh, have mercy on me judge! I just never understood how the twitter thing worked!”

    And then he can explain that even though the judge had told him not to tweet, he just assumed that Hoge, and his Lickspittles, and the judge, and the circuit court, and the district court, and the appellate court, and the SA were all just really, really, really stupid people and by-the-way did you know that sometimes they wore incredibly stupid looking bow ties?

    Not much of a defense but hey… its all he’s got.

    • It won’t matter. He’s already admitted he knew @ mentions were contact back in September. About 45 days ago. Screencapped. He’s done.

      Also, Bill has directly addressed Mr. Hoge in a large portion of those 400 tweets. He won’t be able to argue before the judge that he was tweeting to Hoge’s followers. Another problem is that Bill’s claim that he was tweeting to Hoge’s follows is borderline contact, if not outright contact. I’m pretty sure that harassing Hoge’s associates, falls within the intent of harassing Hoge. It would be the same as if Bill sent letters to Mr. Hoge’s boss or neighbors every day.

      He’s essentially saying (of his intent)…”I’m not trying to harass Hoge, I’m trying to harass everyone who knows him.”

  4. If everyone’s timeline showed all the tweets RECEIVED by the people they follow instead of all the tweets SENT by the people they follow, twitter would die a quick death.

  5. Did anyone else notice that Bill posted a screencap of Twitter’s page talking about @replies that specifically states that @replies are specifically directed to the person you are naming? Of course he highlights the next sentence down where it talks about also using it to talk about a person, but the screencap includes the entire piece.

    • That’s the way I see it. He’s finally realized he’s screwed and his only defense is that he doesn’t really know how twitter works.

      • Sort of like Roger Shuler’s wife writing posts for his blog, but then declaring she has no idea how to delete posts, though she has modified her own or gotten someone else to do it.

      • He knows the only reason to include the @ is for Mr. Hoge to see it. Only people who would see his tweets for some OTHER reason (they follow him, they are looking into his timeline, they are looking into someone elses timeline that he has tweeted) In fact, he can include the @ next to the username with a space or slash to tip people that username Wjjhoge has a twitter account to check out.

        He loses no eyeballs and no ability to communicate about or to anyone but Hoge, if he stops directing messages to him with Twitters @ command.

  6. I’ve demonstrated that he’s wrong in two different ways, but he won’t acknowledge it. He was in the process of claiming he proved his point, then went silent in the middle of a sentence. Since then he’s been complimenting himself from a test account.

    I sense a meltdown of epic proportions is brewing.

    • I just ran a controlled test using @wjjhoge (my main account), @hogewash (my backup account), and a third cooperating account. When the third account was following both accounts, it received @mentions of wjjhoge from hogewash. When it was following wjjhoge only, it did not receive the @mentions from hogewash.

      The Cabin Boy’s scheme only works for accounts that follow both of us.

      I hope he’s wearing Nomex Depends.

      • The intersection of your followers list and his followers list is the empty set.

        Bill is now pretending that you somehow _owe_ him even 10 seconds of your time, when he is in fact obligated to avoid bothering you.

        Amazing sense of entitlement on this one.

      • As he already knows, the only reason to append @ to your handle is for you to receive the tweet in your @mentions box. People who follow him, or check out his timeline will see his tweets tweets anyway. If he is directly or indirectly tweeting people who don’t follow him, using 2 plus their usernames, they will see his message whether you are “@”d or whether you are not.

        He can use your handle Wjjhoge in any such tweets. He can place an “@” symbol nearby to tip people that he is talking about someone with a twitter account.

        But he doesn’t need to type “@wjjhoge” for any of that to happen.

        He knows this. He wants people to know he is directing tweets to you. He wants to direct tweets to you. He can’t give up the pleasure of contacting you.

        He’s pretending now to be stupid but he knows exactly what he is doing and why.

      • tried the experiment myself, and what he says doesnt work, THEN he posts a pic saying the SAME thing Twitters FAQ does and claims it backs him up when it doesn’t, I point this out with an @ mention to him and he tells me I need to re read it “till I understand it”
        the cray cray is STRONG with this one

  7. I can honestly say I don’t understand what his argument is. Just for S**ts and giggles, can anyone explain what he is saying he thinks actually happens with a tweet?

  8. It’s all much ado about nothing. If using @mentions did sent a tweet to every one of John’s followers along with John, and, if there weren’t any other possible way for him to direct tweets to John’s followers, it still would be a violation of the peace order. Bill Schmalfeldt has a first amendment right to publish his thoughts on any forum that would have him, or self-publish. The Tweeter corporation has no obligation to transmit any particular thought Bill has to any specific persons merely because Bill wishes to contact them. John Hoge has a legally enforceable right to expect Bill Schmalfeldt to honor his request to not contact him in any way.

    You would think that even the Cabin Boy could figure out that if tacking on strings like @taylorswift to the end of any particular tweet resulted in it being sent to the inbox of millions of people @spam would be flooding every mailbox using such tactics. That is why people need to build followers. It isn’t John’s fault that Schmalfeldt has about ten unique followers.

    Denial, anger, fear and bargaining. The Cabin Boy is bargaining with himself over his guilt. Next will be depression.

  9. I think it is a mistake to get caught up in his endless bullying chatter and to try to refute his insane illogical arguments. If someone argued endlessly that wearing a lucky rabbit’s foot would suspend the law of gravity, you wouldn’t argue with a nut like that. His constant babbling, accompanied by insults and imperious commands to pay attention, are the techniques of an experienced abusive bully. Don’t fall for it. As RSM, likes to say, do not argue with the demon. The demon is a liar.

  10. OK, this explains why the kreepy kook @ name-checked me the other day. I didn’t read it, but I saw he @ mentioned wjjhoge as well, and then I blocked the freak as I do to every account he tries to bother me with.

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