Prevarication Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt seems to be trying to create the impression that I’m a wuss.WMSBroad201311160149The Gentle Reader should not be surprised to find that the Cabin Boy’s assertion is wrong. The peace order issued against him is based on the authority of Md Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 3-1503, and his failure to comply with the order is a violation of § 3-1508.

Protective orders that abused persons seek against significant others or family members are issued under the authority of Md Family Law § 4-506.

The processes for obtaining the different kinds of orders are somewhat similar but not identical.

It doesn’t take much of a Google search to find out about the two different orders, so why would the Cabin Boy keep spouting such nonsense?

13 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. It’s puzzling what BS (based on his tweet) would have you do. I suppose NOT be a craven coward – so you’d, what – challenge him to a duel, fight back in some other fashion?

    Is he such a neanderthal that he doesn’t realize that laws are a civilizing force in society? BS’ continued knowing breaking of the laws of Maryland isn’t some sort of civil disobedience, it’s the heckler’s veto at its crudest.

    I know that in some hacker cases they take away access to computers and the internet. Do you think that would be appropriate in BS’ case? Assuming, of course, that he would abide by the restriction.

    • Nothing his master does is bad. Bill is so desperate to be accepted by….well…anyone that when a convicted bomber, drug dealer, forger, weapons trafficker, and alleged pedophile paid him some small attention, he went all in for him. Kimberlin could tell him the earth was flat and he’d jump onto the internet to claim anyone who thought it was round was a liar.

      • He also doesn’t think that using his PD and age are cowardly when they benefit him. I mean, what a sissy – he starts his blog entries with “retired with Parkinson’s” all the time. I don’t know anyone with a serious illness who does that, or who defines themselves by it. But, then, they are courageous. WJJH doesn’t remind is every day that he’s retired with a heart condition. But, he’s not a wuss.

        Another oddity – BS is always taking shots at the appearance of others. There is, however, one person he is obsessed with, physically, and that, I am so sorry to say, is Ali. He picks at him like a nasty wanna-be boyfriend. His commentary about Ali’s appearance, sex life, and genitalia do raise the question of repressed attractions.

        Finally, BS loves to play the victim card when it comes to his second ex wife, claiming adultery and setting himself up as morally superior. Again, odd, given his occasional declarations that he serves Christ, yet he admits that she was dating his brother when he betrayed him by sleeping with her. BS was also raised Catholic, and unless he had an annulment of his two previous marriages (he does not have to have been married in a Catholic church), he is still considered married to his first wife, and has committed adultery.

      • You can’t make up crazy like this…. Based on your comment about Catholic Doctrine the Cabin Boy is tweeting how “The lickspittles on @wjjhoge’s blog are now discussing whether my marriage is legal.”

        Other than his obsessive stalking of Mr. Hoge and his blog, he lies as usual. It was a small part of one comment and is not the subject of a “discussion”. You have to wonder why he feels the need to just tell lie after provable lie.

        Oh, and now he is threatening his Ex again. Classy guy that Cabin Boy.

      • Of course it’s legal under civil law, but that’s not what I was talking about, and the dishonest hypocrite knows it.

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