In Re #BillSchmalfeldt, Again

This afternoon, evidence of Bill Schmalfeldt’s continuing behavior was presented to a District Court Commissioner who found probable cause that Schmalfeldt has committed 29 additional violations of the peace order issued against him. A summons was issued.

I do not plan to make any further comment on this matter until advised to do so by either the State’s Attorney’s Office or my counsel.

5 thoughts on “In Re #BillSchmalfeldt, Again

  1. May I just say, I applaud your unwillingness to just let BS “walk” all over you in his continued defiance of the Peace Order. He keeps claiming you are “filing new charges” when all you are doing is notifying the proper authorities of his continued criminal actions.
    We’re all pulling and praying for you and everyone else who has had to deal with his particular brand of craziness.

  2. All he had to do was take the @wjjhoge off his 346 going on 10,000 tweets – he has convinced himself that he fighting for good and he is sooo sooo sooo far from where he should be – think if he used all that energy for something positive that he believes in.

    He’s pushing the judicial system – even in Maryland – to its limits…..

    He used the analogy that the law pertained to battered women not angry malicious tweets, well – if he prevails in his lunacy – here is what’s adjudicated if it goes in his favor – unending harassment by electronic means is legal.

    For vulnerable children, individuals in society – this is not what the good people of Maryland wanted

  3. Still confusing protective orders for domestic cases with peace orders for unstable crazy nutters who can’t stop pestering.

  4. In claiming Hoge has “brought new charges” he is also ignoring that Hoge isn’t doing anything other than showing the evidence of BS’s own criminality to the proper authorities I.E the district court commissioner who in turn decide that BS’s own activity warrants additional charges. Reminds me of the wife abuser to claims his wife is in the wrong for going to the police after she makes him beat her….

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