In Re #BillSchmalfeldt

Yesterday afternoon, evidence of Bill Schmalfeldt’s continuing behavior was presented to a District Court Commissioner who found probable cause that Schmalfeldt has committed 88 additional violations of the peace order issued against him. A summons was issued.

I do not plan to make any further comment on this matter until advised to do so by either the State’s Attorney’s Office or my counsel.

3 thoughts on “In Re #BillSchmalfeldt

  1. If the SA calls you in for a chat, how wonderful. You can bring the court order with you, plus DPBK’s history, including that of threatening DAs and blowing up police cars. After all, he is the one who filed the RICO suit that Bill is drawing to the SA’s attention to as some sort of proof of evil intent on your part. It is so helpful of Bill to raise the profile of the suit with folks who have been DPBK targets in the past. Well, they are “very good friends” after all.

    • Oh, I just read his latest post! It appears that his friend, Brett Kimberlin, has also been in contact with the SA! Did Brett tell him that he blew up a police car? Blew off a man’s leg? Stated, in an interview, that everybody wants to “f*ck” teenage “girls?”

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