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  1. From Poop Sock:

    “I wanted to make clear, again, that I only started @mentioning Mr. Hoge after receiving a copy of a letter from the State Attorney General’s office that made it very clear @mentioning someone on Twitter was NOT HARASSMENT. I believe my friend, Mr. Kimberlin, sent you a copy of that communication.  Since the Peace Order itself makes no mention of Twitter, I specifically asked the AG’s office if I was violating the order by using @mentions.”

    1. The Maryland Court of appeals is the final legal authority in the state, not the AG. The CoA denied his appeal, so the circuit court order stands.
    2. The judge told him contact included tweets, so BS lied to the SA.
    3. Further proof of a Team Kimberlin, plus his manipulation of BS behind the scenes.
    4. Kimberlin, a convicted perjurer, tried to represent BS in court. Since he is not a lawyer, he was not allowed to do so. This looks a lot like an effort to practice law and get around the court.

    • “I believe my friend, Mr. Kimberlin, sent you a copy of that communication.” Shorter – I had someone contact you at my request to prove, again, how ignorant I am about what “No Contact” mean.

      You really can’t make this stuff up.

    • A brief overview:

      Attorneys must also be licensed before they can provide legal services to other people. States have different definitions of what it means to practice law, though they typically include the same type of activity. Practicing law means providing legal advice, representing someone in court, preparing legal pleadings or legal documents, offering opinions about the validity of real estate titles or titles to personal property, or similar matters connected to the law. Anyone who engages in the unauthorized practice of law can face both civil and criminal penalties.”

      Oops. Bill’s post sure raises the question whether BK is practicing law without a license. Is he?

      • So, technically, the real estate agent who tells you can safely ignore the covenant that states you may not sell your property to a colored person is guilty of practicing law? Instead, they are expected to refer you to a $400/hr hour attorney. And, your formulation nicely criminalizes folks saving money by having paralegals assist them in preparing routine court filings such as wills.

        It would seem apparent that Brett Kimberlin has practiced law without a license on a number of past occasions. His attempt to have his case joined with Bill Schmalfeldt’s was a transparent attempt to argue Bill Schmalfeldt’s case. He intervened in the default hearings against fellow defendants in Walker’s federal lawsuit to argue their interests before the court. In Kimberlin vs Universe both federal and state he is essentially arguing the interests of third parties. That said, assisting someone on exactly how to make the magic incantations that result in a court actually considering your pleadings oughten be a crime. Impersonating a lawyer would be practicing law without a license, talking to a SA is not. If an SA wants to hear what a laymen has to say so be it. Those who have written letters have asked for exactly that consideration. The moment Brett Kimberlin tried to something like negotiating a plea agreement I trust the SA would have the good sense to stop the conversation at that point.

        They gray area is whether, or not, Kimberlin has formulated the arguments in Schmalfeldt’s pleadings. My gut instinct is that Bill Schmalfeldt has received assistance beyond paralegal help. Someone may very well have to answer for that if Bill Schmalfeldt ever flips. If it is Brett Kimberlin he will woe the day he created brettkimberlin.org. Otherwise, it is a crime without a witness willing to come forward.

        What I would suggest is that someone provide those SAs of Brett Kimberlin’s psych-eval upon being released from prison. It paints a picture of a habitual liar in complete denial about his crimes who, nevertheless, possesses considerable rhetorical skills. If those SAs continue to buy into his act after being informed of with whom they are dealing shame on them.

  2. Good God, the delusion is limitless with this one:

    Once again, sir, if this was a matter of a private citizen just wanting to be left alone, I would do it. When I get harassed by a troll, I just block him and never hear from him again. But this is someone who is facing two lawsuits filed by a friend of mine, including Federal RICO charges. As a journalist, I am allowed to write about him.

    “If this were just exactly what it is, I’d stop breaking the law. But my boyfriend! And RICO! And JOURNALISM!!!”

    Hoge is engaged in obsessive-complulsive, attention-seeking behavior…

    Stay crazy, Neckroll.

  3. His argument also seems to run along the lines of “I’m not talking to him. I just kicked in his door and barged into his house so I could tell his his guests about him.”

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