12 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Stupidity this bad should be illegal. It isn’t, but harassment and contempt of court are. Funny how he just doesn’t seem to notice the other charges pending against him.

  2. He’s outlived his usefulness…perhaps Team Kimberlin is framing him?

    And if you believe that, I have some *fascinating* bridge properties you’d be interested in, I’m sure!

  3. For the life of me I can’t understand why he clings to the “@mentions are not contact” lie. Does he think that because the SA in the past has indulged him that he can continue to flaunt the PO forever?

  4. He keeps saying it sends the messages to new people besides his own followers. But that isn’t the case at all. He must realize this. So he’s just playing stupid to be a bore and troll.

  5. His tweets appear on his own public timeline, where people who care to look at his timeline can inspect them. It appears automatically in the timelines of his (tiny) group of followers. But his using the @ function with a username sends any message from a “broadcast” timeline to a specific pair of eyes. Its the difference between posting on one’s own public facebook page, and leaving a message on someone elses page.

    • I re-read Twitter’s FAQ earlier today, and it clearly states only people who follow BS will see his @mentions in their timelines (they are treated as tweets by the sender to their followers), ppl who aren’t following him will only see it if their handle is @mentioned in the tweet, it shows up in their mentions feed.
      For BS to say he’s tweeting to Hoge’s followers is an outright lie and he knows it. I follow hoge, I do not follow BS and I dont have BS blocked, and all his tweets @mentioning hoge do NOT get sent to me, they don’t show up in my timeline or in my mentions/interactions unless BS @mentions me in the same tweet. The only way I have to seeing what BS is tweeting is when someone else I follow re-tweets it or I go looking at BS’s twitter page.
      Obviously he uses the @mention to ensure Hoge SEES the tweet. I consider that contact, the MD judge who approved the PO obviously did too, yet BS tells us to ignore our lying eyes and believe HIM on how Twitter works and whether or not he’s “contacting” Hoge….O.o

  6. It just occurred to me that a late Friday arrest will result in Teh Cabin Boy cooling his heels in the clinker, possibly until as late as Monday noonish…

    Best make yourself scarce, Bill, for the weekend. They can’t arrest you, if they can’t find you.

    Perhaps BK will put you up, if you can navigate the stairs into his mother’s basement…

  7. Does anyone know how to tell if CBBS is taken into custody? Is there a website that lists the county’s current inmates?

    • I don’t know about a county inmate website, however, one way would be to go to the Maryland Case Search website and enter either Schmalfeldt’s name or Case #3S00060735. At the very bottom of the page, past ALL of the charges, is the arrest warrant information.

      Event Date Comment
      WARI 11/12/2013 131112;ZF 06 ;2;ARR;D13087652-4
      WARR 11/14/2013 131113;D13087652-4;OK TO APPROVE
      PER 0AD

      If an arrest warrant were to be served, below “WARR” (Warrant Recalled) would be “WARS” (Warrant Served). BTW — “WARI” stands for Warrant Issued.

      Or, we could just wait in hope that Maryland finally gets its freaking act together, reissues an arrest warrant, and John makes a blog post sharing the good news. 🙂

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