#BillSchmalfeldt Status Report

As of 11 pm this evening, the Cabin Boy’s @wjjhoge tweet count stands at—S-O-T201311160257ZAs of now, Bill Schmalfeldt has been charged with one count each of harassment and misuse of electronic communications and 351 counts of failure to comply with a peace order. These only relate to his activity since the 16 October hearing on modification of the order. The potential penalties for all the charges amount to 351 years and 180 days in jail or fines up to $877,000.

5 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt Status Report

    • ^^^^ What they said. He has faced violations before, lied to the SA and the courts and gotten away with it. Unless they lower the hammer he’ll just continue with his flagrant violations of the PO

      • And I will bet that any order removing Internet access from his home will have him lurking around the local McDonald’s, using their free wifi.

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