#BillSchmalfeldt Status Report

As of now, Bill Schmalfeldt has been charged with one count each of harassment and misuse of electronic communications and 322 counts of failure to comply with a peace order. These only relate to his activity since the 16 October hearing on modification of the order. The potential penalties for all the charges amount to 322 years and 180 days in jail or fines up to $804,500.

Schmalfeldt has continued violating the peace order. As of 9 am ET this morning—S-O-T201311151400Z

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  1. it simply boggles the mind how this continues. i recall there were many times when he was left alone and nothing was said/written about him (you, and the other gentlemen wrote of politics, entertainment, etc..but not of him), and yet he continued to spew forth vileness directed at Team Lickspittle (love how you took the power out of that word and made it profitable).
    what next, i wonder..

  2. That’s some mighty fine Law Enforcement ya got there, in Maryland.

    Thumbing his nose at them, lying about what they’ve said to them, trying to use them against his victims, ongoing violations of the Peace Order…yep, Howard County’s finest are on the job!


  3. I just sent the following email to Carroll County States attorneys office, I encourage you all to do something similar to ccstatesattorney@ccg.carr.org

    As a citizen of Maryland and Carroll County, I am deeply concerned about your inaction in the continued harassment of William Hoje by Bill Schmalfeldt. As you may be aware, a peace order was issued, and confirmed on appeal, prohibiting Schmalfeldt from contacting Mr Hoje, and in the appeal Schmalfeldt’s arguments that @mentions on twitter were not contact, and that he had a right as a journalist to Harass were all denied. In defiance of the court, he has continued to harass (through multiple accounts on twitter, many of which have been banned). He mocks the court, the judge, and you, confident that no action will be taken by your office, despite probably cause for violation of the order multiple times, you have, in the past declined to prosecute and only ‘warned’ him. This has given him a sense of entitlement to harass even further, despite more charges being filed. I hope that you do not allow this willful disregard of the court and common decency to continue. I just hope you are never the target of someone like Schmalfeldt, and have your image posted on to pronographic images, your children harassed, etc., and a government that refuses to do anything about it.

    His ramblings and disgusting commentary can be found at https://twitter.com/WMSBroadcasting and http://pupsoc.com


    A Concerned Citizen

    • Hmmm…. just got the most interesting reply… will have to remain on the down low (BS reference there) for now, but could be some interesting things happening soon!

    • Dear State Attorney,

      I’ve have been following the ongoing “Kimberlin saga” for some time now.

      First, I would like to address what I think is the root cause of the problem. At the end of lawsuit Brett Kimberlin filed against Seth Allen the judge suggested to Seth Allen that Brett Kimberlin ought to be allowed to get along with his life. Apparently, the judge wasn’t aware of the totality of the circumstances. Brett Kimberlin isn’t a convicted felony [bombings, drug smuggling, drug dealing, perjury, impersonating a military officer, perjury and forgery of government documents among others] trying to live down his past. Brett Kimberlin is a man deliberately seeking notoriety for himself as an innocent man guilty of no more than selling a little pot [which he was convicted of smuggled by the cargo plane load] who was maliciously and falsely prosecuted for his political beliefs. He pedaled that story to Amnesty International which deemed him a “political prisoner”, Mark Trudeau of the comic strip Doonesbury, Mark Singer who wrote an authorized biography about him after first believing his claims, and in 2006 and this year to the Washington Post where be again repeated his claims he never set any bombs. These actions were even predicted in his psychological evaluation when he was released from the federal penal system.

      His counterfactual claims of innocence naturally lead to negative publicity for Mr Kimberlin. For instance, Mark Singer’s book portrayed Kimberlin as a “first rate con artist” who was guilty as charged. The book also implied that Kimberlin was a pedophile [he cited Kimberlin associates who noted Kimberlin would check out very young girls, sole vacations with his roommate’s ten year-old daughter, a co-worker of the girl’s mother who remembered the mother saying that Kimberlin was “grooming” the girl to be his wife] and had had the grandmother of girl murdered when the grandmother removed the girl from Kimberlin’s home [He cited an FBI agent speaking on background that told him KImberlin approached the FBI to report that the family that had taken in the girl after the grandmother’s death were the murderers. Kimberlin claimed to know what the murder weapon was, and, where it was buried on their property. Singer immediately recognized the implications concerning the chain of custody of the murder weapon.] Kimberlin hardly helped his cause by writing and recording two songs about “f#cking young girls” and seeking publicity for his album in the Washington Post by granting an interview in which he claimed everyone in fact wanted to have sex with young girls.

      I would suggest that if the judge had been aware of the totality of the circumstances his admonishment would not have been to Seth Allen to let Brett Kimberlin get on with his life but rather to suggest to Brett Kimberlin that he actually try to get on with his life.

      It is my belief that you and other SAs have seen an imaginary forest of the unjust persecution of a man trying to get on with life rather than notice a series of trees of specific crimes by Brett Kimberlin, Bill Schmalfeldt and others.

      I, also, believe that you have asserted duality where none existed. The evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt that either Brett Kimberlin poked himself in the eye, or photoshopped imaginary injuries, to accuse of Aaron Walker of battery when no battery had occurred. Every charge filed Walker, Stranahan, and Hoge has had a completely factual basis, yet, they have been treated as morally equivalent.

      Instead of abandoning his hopeless quest to sanitize his past, Kimberlin has doubled downed by trying to suppress the speech of his critics. He has engaged in numerous forms of harassment of his critics including seeking peace orders to censor all speech about him, lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, bar association complaints, and internet smear campaigns against his critics. He seems to have attracted a circle of followers that have engaged in even more extreme acts of harassment including swattings, anonymous death threats, internet harassment, and stalking. Most recently, a poster has suggested that they might expand their campaign of extreme harassment to harassing the fellow parishioners of John Hoge.

      • I would suggest that when Brett Kimberlin falsely accused Aaron Walker of severely scratching his cornea it was a continuation of a life-long pattern of him trying to have enemies imprisoned by falsifying crimes against them. He tried to have a couple in Texas framed for murdering the grandmother. While in jail awaiting trial for his bombing he was reported by a soon-to-be-released fellow inmate for soliciting a “honey trap” to frame the local DA [A second reported being solicited to murder the DA and other Kimberlin enemies.] Because of the perception of duality where none exists Kimberlin’s criminal acts framing innocent people have had the effect of inoculating him from subsequent meritorious charges from his victims. Those asserting duality tend conclude that it is a dispute in which both parties are trying to use law enforcement to harm each other.

        My third belief is that there has been a perception that what is going is “just an internet feud.” First, that perception is irrelevant. It is the duty of law enforcement to step in when the line of legality has been crossed. Second, it isn’t true. The acts of extreme harassment went well beyond the internet.

        I would stress that your, and other SA’s failure to act has had negative consequences on innocent human beings. What has happened to Lee Stranahan and his wife concerning the loss of their daughter at birth is beyond the pale. What has happened Aaron Walker and his wife is a travesty. But, what I want to focus on is what has happened to Tetyana Kimberlin. She was a naïve fourteen year-old when a forty year old Brett Kimberlin enticed her sexually with the promise of a visa to the American Dream. She immigrated at fifteen [How in the Hell was a minor granted a visa?] to a life under the domination of a sociopath. Finally, she had enough and left. In court filings she referred to him as psychologically abusive. In retaliation, Brett Kimberlin tried to have her, and her boyfriend, arrested for theft. He tried to have her involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. At a hearing she was abused by a judge who kept noting, “That is not relevant!,” when she was repeatedly defamed by Brett Kimberlin as a person who was mentally ill and off her medications, an adulterer and worse. Tetyana’s daughter was present at the courthouse. Brett Kimberlin swore those things were true in front of a judge that seemed to have implicitly concurred. The Maryland legislature in its collective wisdom decided against any statute of limitation for what people in other states call “statutory rape” presumably because they felt it appropriate that the victim should be able to report the crime later in life. Tetyana Kimberlin did precisely that, but was ignored. Her daughter is the age when Brett Kimberlin first had sex with her. She wanted custody for the obvious reasons. She pointed out his past actions towards fourteen year-old girls. The judge dumped the matter to CPS. That is, it changed the format from a transparent process of open debate to a secret process that favors particularly good liars. Though she swore that she would rather sleep in the streets than return to Brett Kimberlin, she returned to Brett Kimberlin. I think both you and I know why. Her youngest daughter will be out of the house in about a decade. I guess, that too is how long her sentence will be.

        If you have followed what is has happened you would know that your policy of benign neglect isn’t working out very well. Bill Schmalfeldt has been taking your neglect as an endorsement of his continued harassment of John Hoge. He is even citing your name on his behalf. Others are suggesting that the campaign of extreme harassment be extended to John Hoge’s fellow parishioners. Nor, has the integrity of peace order process been upheld by your inactions.

        You have to understand that no technique of extreme harassment will go too far until you decide that it does. You have ignored the broken window theory of law enforcement with the predicate consequences. Essentially, you have boxed yourself into a dilemma where you can prosecute serious crimes now, or even worse crimes later. Putting it off is merely condemns you to putting more time and effort into prosecuting more severe crimes later. It also condemns innocent residents of Maryland to further acts of extreme harassment.


        Concern Reader,

        If someone could forward it for me I would appreciate it!

      • Big Sky, I don’t think bringing Kimberlin into this is a good idea right now. Keep it to Schmalfeldt. Let Schmalfeldt bring up Kimberlin himself. And then when the SA finds out this serial stalker is best friends with a convicted terrorist…

        There won’t be a disease on the planet that will save him.

      • Black Betty,

        There is evidence to suggest that Brett Kimberlin has contacted all three SAs. You can’t leave Brett Kimberlin out of it because he is already in it. You can either try to discover or infer what he said to those SAs and how it has affected their judgment and effectively counter his influence, or you can persist in arguing narrow points of law. That didn’t do to well for Aaron Walker when he presented indisputable visual proof that Brett Kimberlin framed him for a crime. Nor, did citing the relevant precedent stop him from being subjected to an unconstitutional peace order. Nor, did his wife presenting clear evidence of criminal stalking move a SA to prosecute. What did he say again, “If you don’t want to harassed stay out of Maryland.” [sarcasm] I’m sure no agenda was behind that statement. [/sarcasm]
        How did the 3rd degree sexual assault charges go?

        Lee Stranahan didn’t fair much better. It is pretty clear the law was on his side. John Hoge had the law on his side. In spite of that fact he lost a peace order hearing the first time. After obtaining a peace order the second time the SA has effectively nullified it by refusing to enforce it. [sarcasm] I’m sure no agenda was behind his decision to undermine the authority of the judge. [/sarcasm]

        Again, what I see are SAs that are looking at some imaginary forest rather the individual trees of specific crimes. You can claim this tree is interesting, and that tree is pretty all you want, but, if they see a forest you aren’t going to get anywhere.

  4. And now, according to the Cabin Boy and we know what his word is worth, he has spoken and/or written to the States Attorney who will now be going after Mr. Hoge for malicious prosecution. I must say…BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • He just lied and obfuscated through his teeth in that so-called letter. For starters, he’s not a “retired journalist.”. He retired from editing press releases for the government. I shudder to think about the quality of his work product, since he doesn’t know the difference between infer and imply. I also wonder why he had to retire from a computer/sedentary job when that’s all he does now, and actually brags about his ability to do so. He claimed once that he couldn’t do the commute, but there is the widely used telework option, particularly in ADA cases. I wonder what was really going on at his job that he chose to leave. Did he harass anyone on the job? Just asking questions.

    • he keeps saying Hoge is bringing “X number of new” charges as if Hoge doesn’t have the right to inform the proper authorities of BS’s violations to the peace order…@.@
      seriously…I don’t know what to call this level of stupidity, other than wannabe jailbird level…

  5. I read some of his typing: The number of complaints against him by Hoge is now being used to confirm the level of “obsessive-compulsive” behavior of Hoge. So if you harass someone a LOT, then the total number of harassment charges sought by the victim is proof the victim has a psychological problem according to Schmalfeldt.

    • He obviously knows nothing about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, also. But he just makes up stuff as he goes along, so no surprise there.

    • Because there are no programs (or plugins) that could be built or have been built to count tweets.

      None what so ever.
      (I’m not saying Hoge used one of those programs, or counted by hand, I honestly have no idea, but my point is, it wouldn’t be that hard to use a program to do this in 30 seconds. Hardly OCD. Heck this morning I ran a database search on something I was working on to get a count, does that make me OCD about that project?)

    • It’s the legislature that has determined that every contact merits its own charge, so perhaps this is proof that the legislature is OCD.

      • Actually, it was the Court of Appeals, but they’re the same bunch that denied the Cabin Boy’s petition for a writ of certiorari—so what do they know?

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  7. Except for his constant blundering WRT Team K concerns, which makes his contributions to the literary sphere of the internetz useful in ways he did not anticipate, I’d be a strong advocate of just letting his little candle burn in its own closet til it snuffs itself. But he does screw up a lot and he is useful that way. Poor Team K is stuck with the fire hazard .

  8. I don’t think we should engage in a letter writing campaign to the SA. They really don’t like that kind of stuff. And it tends to backfire. However, as a citizen of Maryland and resident of Carroll County, CS has a right to communicate his/her concerns. So that might be enough.

    I think we should put this in perspective. Bill Schmalfeldt now holds the Maryland State Record for Peace Order violations. And there is NO close second. I’m betting Carroll County doesn’t even know what to do with this, right now. But in a week or two, they WILL.

    • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

      I guess it might very well be a bit uppity and presumptuous for the little people of America to actually avail themselves to that last bit. Then again actually baring arms is seen as a bit suspect by the same folks. And, woe until the folks who actually joke about having their privates groped for no other reason than exercising their right to travel. At least no one has to think better of objecting to having soldiers quartered in their homes, yet.

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