A Request to the Gentle Readers

I am very thankful for all the support you all continue to provide while I’m dealing with the likes of Bill Schmalfeldt.

I have great confidence in the authorities here in Carroll County to find a good long-term solution to his campaign of Internet harassment. However, this is an unusual case, and they need to carefully work their way through it. It probably won’t be helpful to joggle their elbows with letters and emails of support for me or criticism of the Cabin Boy.

There are really only two types of communication with the State’s Attorney’s Office that might be helpful. One might be comments from residents of Carroll County. The other might be a formal legal memo from an attorney with expertise in this sort of case.

If your comment doesn’t fall into either category, please don’t distract the public officials dealing with the cases.

Meanwhile, comments are open (but moderated) here.

3 thoughts on “A Request to the Gentle Readers

  1. I once worked with a minor league version of Brett Kimberlin. Instead of terrorism, his forte was extorting sex from subordinate female employees. A considerable number of times a person would walk through the door and he would say, “That person is a troublemaker, watch out for him!” It never occurred to me until someone pointed out the fact that the people he was labeling “trouble makers” were merely former co-workers at places he had been fired for sexual harassment. It amazed me to realize how much getting the first word in private can frame all subsequent contact. That is especially true of those with a talent for lying.

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