Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy can tell it to the judge—@wjjhoge201211141250ZThat I received these messages is obvious. They appeared on my Twitter Interactions page. That they contain the address of my @wjjhoge account can be plainly seen. That is contact (by any other means) under the peace order issued against Bill Schmalfeldt.

It’s even contact under the unrelated misuse of electronic communications law which he keeps hoping will provide a safe harbor for his harassment.

§ 3-805. Misuse of electronic communication or interactive computer service.
(a) Definitions. —
(1) In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.
(2) “Electronic communication” means the transmission of information, data, or a communication by the use of a computer or any other electronic means that is sent to a person and that is received by the person.

Use of a computer or any other electronic means. 

Sent to a person. 

Received by a person. 

Game over.

28 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. So early in the morning, so many lies already! BS is claiming that a deputy is advising him to save evidence for a future harassment suit. name, please? Oh, no name? I know why. BS is lying. He argues that WJJH issues arrest warrants. BS is lying. People with actual professional experience in the legal/judicial arena know that these are lies. And if BS file a spurious civil action, given his track record, WJJH would move to have BS post a bond to cover his attorney’s fees. Tweets and posts about suing people and owning their homes and wives (yes, BS did that) would be entered into evidence to support the motion.

    • More lies: yesterday he tweeted that he had spoken to a deputy and the warrant had been reinstated. In other words, he announced the news and claimed he had been told this by a deputy. Today he is claiming that WJJH lied and the warrant had never been reinstated. Does he mean the deputy lied, because that’s the person BS claims told him the news? Confessed harasser Schmalfeldt can’t keep his lies straight.

  2. I just noticed that neither @breitbartunmask nor @x3n0ph0n are currently following the Cabin Boy’s Twitter account. Is this a recent abandonment or did they cut him loose a while ago? It’s also noteworthy that their KimberBlog (BU dot com) hasn’t shown an interest in his recent plight.

    • I’m sure they figured out a while ago that propping him up and giving him a pat on the head wasn’t giving them the RIO they had anticipated. I’m sure they hoped his foolish rantings would take the spotlight off their boy toy Kimby. That hasn’t happened so the useful idiot isn’t so useful anymore.

  3. I’d still like to know where he got the idea that tweets with your handle are seen in the TL’s of your followers. I’m guessing the First Mate.

  4. He’s alleging he didn’t “send” it – he just tacked a note on a bulletin board, WHich is stupid, because he tacked it to YOUR mailbox as well as his bulletin board. He could have left a message on his and been fine. No one has to read his board. He could have mentioned your twitter handle (sans @ or D) all he pleased without sending it to your mailboxes. Using the “@” command or “D” command sends it to you. It doesn’t send it to your followers or people not following Bill Schmalfeldt. Only people who actively seek to read Bills own little bulletin board would seen it. But he’s stuffing your mailbox.

    • Schmalfeldt’s lectures as to how Twitter works are hilarious! They may actually have some impact if he was running through his little exercises with someone who… oh, I don’t know… had NEVER used Twitter. LOL! He is in essence preaching to the choir, and the choir is shaking their heads and laughing their arses off as one deceitful fail after another rolls across his timeline and blog. Anyone and everyone who uses Twitter KNOWS that placing the @ symbol in front of names/handles is for the sole purpose of insuring THAT PERSON specifically and directly receives your tweet.

      The following paragraph is not for y’all (so scroll on past), but for the lying, sick blob who frequents the comment section of this blog… Hi, Bill! I follow John Hoge on Twitter and John Hoge follows me (@asideofbacon). When Schmalfeldt includes @wjjhoge in his tweets, I have no way of seeing the tweets unless: (1) John would retweet the freak’s tweets (which he does not), and, therefore they would show up in my timeline as retweeted by Hoge; or, (2) I don a hazmat suit and purposefully head over to Schmalfeldt’s timeline via @WMSBroadcasting and peruse his blatherings. Even with John and I being co-followers, I will never see CBBS’s @wjjhoge tweets unless one, or both, of the aforementioned were to occur. (Now, of course, someone else I follow could retweet the raging loon’s drivel and that, too, would show up in my timeline, but I am simply limiting my example to freakshow and Mr. Hoge.) Period. Dot. End of sentence.

      See, Schmalfeldt? Your I-put-the-@-symbol-in-front-of-Hoge’s-handle-so-his-followers-can-read-my-garbage-and-lies is an inane argument which holds no water. YOU are full of crap, and it matters not the number of times you blog or tweet your crap… it’s still crap, and doesn’t come anywhere near the vicinity of Planet Truth.

      The deranged freak is eventually gonna sprain something awful with all of his furious grasping at straws.

  5. I am guessing that the deputy advised him bit is him going all ranty and the deputy saying “if you believe that collect it all up and tell it to the judge.”

    • Makes sense.
      Somewhere in Maryland…
      Citizen X: “I was kidnapped by space aliens and given an anal probe!”
      Deputy: “Really, sir?”
      Citizen: “Yes, and I want them to do it again, oops, I mean, I want satisfaction, whoops, I mean I want justice!!!1!!eleventy!”
      Deputy: “Well, sir, why don’t you gather up all the evidence and submit it to the CIA, FBI, and NASA?”
      Citizen publishes the following: “The authorities tell me I have a case and that they are investigating Hoge because he works with space aliens! Just look at his new avatar!”

  6. The arrest warrant for case number 3S00060735 is now posted on the Maryland Courts website. 198 charges resulting from being crazy and stupid.

  7. pablo4200 wrote: “3. Someone else you follow retweets Señor Neckroll’s tweets.”

    BredRightAndTrue wrote: “Now, of course, someone else I follow could retweet the raging loon’s drivel and that, too, would show up in my timeline, but I am simply limiting my example to freakshow and Mr. Hoge.”


  8. Bill Schmalfeldt is again dishonestly implying that an order not to contact Mr. Hoge is the same as having been forbidden to write about him by the court.

    • he has to dishonestly imply otherwise the truth that might come out that he is free to blog about Hoge all he wants, he just cant contact him which the judge in his case ruled twitter@mentions are, and therefore he is in violation of the PO the judge approved against him…..
      you have to keep mentioning all that otherwise BS tries to memory hole it….

  9. since BS claims @mentions aren’t contact I wonder what would happen of several people started including him in random tweets, how long before he’d demand that they stop “contacting” him? o.O

    • He’s already done that in previous accounts. For example, he told army vet to stop @mentioning him or he would consider it to be harassment. Good catch, Rain, I’d forgotten about that.

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