#BillSchmalfeldt’s Legal @wjjhoge Tweets

Bill Schmalfeldt took his Twitter accounts private for a while during the first part of this week. During that time, he posted 40 @wjjhoge tweets that weren’t sent to the Mentions or Interactions pages on my account because his account was private. When he went public again yesterday morning, those tweets appeared in his public timeline but were not forwarded to me. Thus, he did not contact me via them, and they did not violate the peace order.

So you see it’s OK under the terms of the order for the Cabin Boy to write about me. It’s writing to me that gets him in trouble. If he’d published the same tweets in the clear but without the @ suffix in front of wjjhoge, that would have been OK too.

1  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Regarding @wjjhoge’s recent legal “filings”… well… http://pupsoc.com/2013/11/11/there-are-some-things-that-need-to-be-said-face-to-face/ … pic.twitter.com/acX9xSYDqK
7:44 PM – 11 Nov 13

2  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
I have broken @wjjhoge’s heart by granting his wish to never see a tweet of mine ever again.
9:16 PM – 11 Nov 13

3  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
The clown @wjjhoge doesn’t seem to understand that he can send me all the mail he wants, and it means nothing without an order of the court.
7:55 AM – 12 Nov 13

4  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
If the court orders me to be somewhere, I will be there. I don’t take orders from @wjjhoge. Despite his grandiosity.
7:55 AM – 12 Nov 13

5  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
His pleadings were not filed by his attorney of record, so I have no idea if the court will even acceot @wjjhoge’s filings.
7:56 AM – 12 Nov 13

6  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Docket date? WHAT Docket date? @wjjHoge’s lickspittles are confusing two separate court issues, I believe. pic.twitter.com/HQ3WJm68tT
8:00 AM – 12 Nov 13

7  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
@BuchananRick @wjjhoge You recall incorrectly.
8:24 AM – 12 Nov 13

8  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Senile @wjjhoge’s lickspittles are just going to get him in more trouble, then scatter when the hammer comes down. pic.twitter.com/V3QxTimeI9
8:59 AM – 12 Nov 13

9  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
What the addled @wjjhoge doesn’t seem to understand is, he cannot snap his fingers and command the circuit court to extend the peace order.
10:07 AM – 12 Nov 13

10  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Though the universe revolves around @wjjhoge, he must still endure a COURT HEARING before an extension is granted. http://www.courts.state.md.us/courtforms/joint/ccdcdvpo001br.pdf
10:08 AM – 12 Nov 13

11  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
So, until I am informed BY A COURT that my presence is required, @wjjhoge can roll up his expensive printer paper and poke it up his arse.
10:09 AM – 12 Nov 13

12  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@Kimberlinunmask @wjjhoge Until such time as a COURT tells me I have to do something, Hoge’s improperly filed petitions are waste paper.
10:12 AM – 12 Nov 13

13  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
@Kimberlinunmask @wjjhoge In America we go by the Constitution. Not Hoge Blog Court Law.
10:13 AM – 12 Nov 13

14  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@Kimberlinunmask @wjjhoge The Constitution is law of the land. Not Hoge Blog Court. When a COURT tells me I gotta do something, I’ll do it.
10:14 AM – 12 Nov 13

15  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@rsmccain @bet0001970 @wjjhoge @ali If you have to ask, you’re too stupid to understand the answer.
11:16 AM – 12 Nov 13

16  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@rsmccain @ali @jmel44 @bet0001970 @BuchananRick @antvq16 @kylekiernan @wjjhoge Thanks for the publicity! I get paid for each page read!
11:17 AM – 12 Nov 13

17  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
/@rsmccain @ali @jmel44 @bet0001970 @BuchananRick @antvq16 @kylekiernan @wjjhoge Yes! Keep posting it! More publicity! More money!
11:17 AM – 12 Nov 13

18  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@rsmccain @ali @Kimberlinunmask @wjjhoge @AaronWorthing Has he grown some hair “down there” yet? You would know, right, Stace?
11:19 AM – 12 Nov 13

19  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
God, I love reading the @wjjhoge lickspittles flailing about as they try to figure my next move.
12:57 PM – 12 Nov 13

20  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
I am so mind-numbingly stupid that I don’t know what I did that @wjjhoge can’t believe I did that was mind-numbingly stupid. Do you?
1:38 PM – 12 Nov 13

21  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
I tore up (recycled) the waste paper @wjjhoge mailed me. Does Hoge think HE has the power to summon me to court?
1:39 PM – 12 Nov 13

22  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Madness. @wjjhoge has just filed 198 new charges against me. 198. One Hundred Ninety Eight. Bringing the total to 249.
3:42 PM – 12 Nov 13

23  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
You did not misread that. I have been charged with 236 crimes since Friday for using @wjjhoge in tweets, as is my right.
3:51 PM – 12 Nov 13

24  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Does anybody support this? Or is this madness? 236 new charges SINCE FRIDAY for using @wjjhoge in a tweet.
3:52 PM – 12 Nov 13

25  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Today, Nov. 12, 2013, @wjjhoge filed 198 new charges against me. Criminal charges. That makes 236 since Friday. Is that a record?
3:58 PM – 12 Nov 13

26  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
@Harada_no_hime @wjjhoge has decided that I need to be arrested for exercising my first amendment right to use his name in my tweets.
4:35 PM – 12 Nov 13

27  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Since @wjjhoge has an arrest warrant for me, with his 198 new charges, does the jail GIVE you a tin cup? Or do you gotta bring your own?
5:32 PM – 12 Nov 13

28  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
WHAT A SURPRISE! @Wjjhoge still thinks HOGE BLOG COURT LAW outranks the constitution and Maryland law. pic.twitter.com/YCe4gCezdR
5:35 PM – 12 Nov 13

29  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
“It is with regret that I announce I have killed Schmalfeldt with tube sock full of silver dollars.” — @wjjhoge pic.twitter.com/v23025PLX2
5:36 PM – 12 Nov 13

30  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
To get the arrest warrrant, @wjjhoge had to swear that I am a danger to him. Watch this. I’m a danger. http://youtu.be/BtCOLdZiZQc
5:38 PM – 12 Nov 13

31  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Read @wjjhoge brag about how TOUGH he is putting a disabled man in jail for exercising his first amendment rights. pic.twitter.com/IwQYCGmR9L
5:42 PM – 12 Nov 13

32  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
I know it’s hard for @wjjhoge’s lickspittles to understand, but I’m doing this for them as well.
7:22 PM – 12 Nov 13

33  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
I won’t be the first person arrested for using his first amendment rights. I have the right to use the letters @wjjhoge in a tweet.
7:23 PM – 12 Nov 13

34  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
I am going to write a story about this before my arrest. If @wjjhoge would like to comment for the story, he would be welcome to do so.
7:26 PM – 12 Nov 13

35  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@Stranahan @rsmccain @AaronWorthing @wjjhoge Not locked up yet. Still telling people about the baby you let die.
9:20 PM – 12 Nov 13

36  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@AaronWorthing @Stranahan @rsmccain @wjjhoge @Patterico Actually, I figger they’ll wait until my next trip to Carroll County.
9:21 PM – 12 Nov 13

37  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
.@Stranahan @AaronWorthing @rsmccain @wjjhoge @Patterico CRAVEN COWARD STRANAHAN TELLING ME TO MAN UP? Precious!
9:21 PM – 12 Nov 13

38  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
All these first amendment patriots, standing firmly against my first amendment right to mention @wjjhoge in a tweet. Sakes.
9:24 PM – 12 Nov 13

39  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Awww. Isn’t that just DARLING? My ex-wife @cgable63 is celebrating with @wjjhoge over my impending arrest.
8:02 AM – 13 Nov 13

40  WMS Broadcasting ‏@WMSBroadcasting
Just heard back from Ms, Barnes. Seems she wants no more to do with @wjjhoge. But she is still his atty of record, so I don’t know…
8:08 AM – 13 Nov 13

So many lies. So little truth. But legal.

9 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt’s Legal @wjjhoge Tweets

  1. So now he’s saying that he spoke to Zoa Barnes today? Really? I heard she was out of the office this morning. Something about court. I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure Bill didn’t talk to her. At least not since he accused her of having an affair with Judge Stansfield.

    Did you Bill?

    So that would be Lie #15,761. Still working on that Guinness World Record, are we Bill?

    • So I double checked with a source of mine…and guess what? Bill could not have spoken with Zoa Barnes. She was out of the office almost all day yesterday. So I did some more checking. What Bill got was an email, (I assume, sent from her mobile device) setting him straight about his misinterpretation of the concept of “attorney of record”.

      Interesting how Bill never posted about that. Isn’t it?

      Oh Bill, I have ears everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You bumbling fool. And since you lied about that, I’m also checking into your statement about the arrest warrant being reinstated. You think I can’t find out if that was a lie as well?

  2. Even if he did get Ms. Barnes on the phone she wouldn’t divulge anything like what he I’d reporting. I think he is getting confused on what is real and what is imaginary. Involuntary committal may be necessary. Something just isn’t quite right with Cabin Boy. As the stress that he is under get bigger, more and more, he seems to be taking his wishes and dreams and thinking they have actually come true. It’s almost sad to see.

  3. He tried the same crap about contacting someone’s attorney and having that attorney just casually discuss privileged information with him when he wrote about KU and the hearing to compel Google. He should know by now that no one is buying his lies. But yet he continues to tell them. Like it’s a compulsion.

  4. Speaking of KU, Google is supposed to have produced their information by now.

    My guess is that what they gave up was not very useful as there has been no trumpeting of a new target.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt is quite simply, a liar. He said he spoke with my attorney, my attorney says he’s never heard of Bill Schmalfeldt let alone ever talked with him. Bill claimed my attorney apologized to Brett Kimberlin. My attorney says, and witnesses say, they never heard that, and there were only two handfuls of people in the room. He tells lie after lie, and lies that we can easily prove are lies. I’m not surprised he claims he spoke with Zoa Barnes. But the point is…because we’ve caught him in so many lies, what Godly reason is there (or ungodly reason) for anyone to believe a single thing he says? I’m at the point where if he says it’s raining, I’ll look out the window to check.

  6. I know someone posted his justification for why he uses the @ but I cant find it, can someone fill me in plz 🙂

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