A New Internet Comic Strip

wjjh-obi-wanIf you have grown tired of the faux seriousness of Bill Schmalfeldt and his “investigative journalism,” you might want to take a look at the Oedipal Bill series running in the funny papers over at Kimberlin Unmasked.

I sense the Farce is strong with this one.

5 thoughts on “A New Internet Comic Strip

  1. Cabin Boy:
    1. Still cannot distinguish between “imply” and “infer.”
    2. Incorrectly refers to certain people as “illuminaries” rather than the correct term, “luminaries.”
    3. Calls a satirical carton strip that quotes him directly, “defamatory.”
    4. Believes that calling for people to be raped, beaten, stalked, and investigated without cause is “journalism.”

  2. At first I thought it was the chili, but, no, I sense a disturbance in The Force. I predict a major, and I mean major, meltdown within the next couple of days.

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