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  1. “So how is that brass knuckles reputation management campaign working out?”

    I’d wager not according to plan.

    “I wonder who will be next … First Mate Neal Rauhauser?”

    The Good Lord willing…

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  3. I for one would really like to know what the charge(s) the warrant has been issued for. Gotta say, none more deserving than Senor Neckroll….(yes part of me is cheering)

    • The charges are violating a peace order. Technically all peace order violations are supposed to have warrants issued on them. But the County Commissioners haven’t been doing that. They’ve just been issuing summons. They probably look at these things on a case by case basis.

      I think they issued a warrant this time because the finally realized this guy was off the reservation and needed to be picked up. Besides, how would they explain why they “didn’t” issue a warrant after 234 violations over a few days time period?

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  6. I had a twinge of pity for him. Nope. Went away. He’s behaved poorly and said disgusting things about good people. He should have left Hoge alone (and by that I mean stop sending him tweets.)

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  8. OMG.
    First, I just read the latest from Bill the Kid, outlaw. He claims that Eugene Volokh, a highly respected Con Law prof at UCLA, supports his analysis. Reading between the lines, I suspect old’ Bill didn’t give him the full scoop, and claimed that all he did was talk about Hoge, not that he tweeted him directly in violation of a court order.

    Second, BS writes: “Being a curious sort as a former journalist, member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, I dug further into the law as it regards Twitter.” Finally, he admits that he is not a journalist.

    Third, I think they heard me in the next county when I read this:
    “Yet, here I sit, waiting for the knock on the door. I doubt it will come tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I will ask the police to be gentle. If they must use handcuffs, they will have to handcuff me to my walker so I can get to the police car. One of them will have to hold onto my arm as we make our way from the house to the car and then from the car to the jail.”

    Give me an effing break. This is the man who tormented the Stranahans over the death of their child, and used the most vile, obscene language to degrade them and their children. He has tried to get them investigated by 8 or 9 different agencies. He has tried to get people fired. If WJJH wants to show the court what BS’s behavior will become, he should have BS read his tweets to Lee and Lauren Stranahan.

  9. CBBS: “History will forget who I am.”

    If only those whom he has brutally harassed and cyberstalked could be afforded as much.

  10. Maybe between getting fingerprinted and posing for mugshots, he can finally talk to someone about those criminal charges he promised to bring against Mr. Hoge which were guaranteed to result in a long prison term.

    Yup, he can talk. They can either laugh or ignore him, as they wish.

  11. I would assume, but have no practical knowledge of this, that this is the type of warrant that gets filed away and if the police happen to stop him for a traffic violation, or he comes to court or something of that nature it is acted apron. I do not see the warrant squad knocking down his door in the middle of the night. So it could be a long while before anything happens, I could also be completely wrong.

    • The Carroll County deputy I spoke with led me to believe that his Howard County colleagues would go get Bill Schmalfeldt and bring him before a District Court Commissioner.

      I suspect that a mugshot, fingerprints, and a bail hearing are in his near future.

      • I’m hoping. I keep refreshing the inmate locator to see if he has been picked up and jailed. So far, no luck. Not even sure if he would be put in the Carroll County Detention Center, but hope springs eternal.

        • My understanding is that he will be taken to the Howard County lockup first. He might make bail there. He might be released on his own recognizance. He might be transferred to Carroll County.

          Stay tuned.

  12. And he still seems to think (if that’s the correct term) that it has something to do with writing ABOUT Hoge. When you consider that nearly nobody reads his stuff — except to gain insight into the Hogewash/Stranahan controverseys — writing about Hoge means nothing. Writing TO Hoge has been forbidden by a court. So, naturally our First Amendment Hero Schmalfeldtd decides to a) admit in writing that he harassed Hoge by continuing to send him tweets and b) sending more tweets. (And c) admitting that the harassment would go away if certain people would just leave Kimberlin alone.)

    Bill, fer the love of all that is left in your life. Stop writing to Hoge. Get rid of the @ thing.

  13. So he deliberately did @mentions which the court ordered him not to do, and he blames Hoge for his troubles.

    Sideshow Bill.

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