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I was surprised when the District Court Commissioner issued an arrest warrant for Bill Schmalfeldt in connection with the 198 counts of failure to comply with the peace order. Since I never sought his arrest, any decision to rescind the warrant is OK as far as I’m concerned. Such a decision makes sense. The Cabin Boy is not really a flight risk. There’s no reason to go to the expense of locking him up, even temporarily, prior to trial.

The Gentle Reader should note that the decision to issue a summons rather than warrant does not represent any decision by the State on the validity of the case, but only about the likelihood of whether or not Bill Schmalfeldt will appear on the assigned court date.

The news of his good fortune is neither good nor bad as far as I’m concerned.

UPDATE—Many of my friends on the Interwebz have enjoyed a bit of schadenfreude over the possibility of Bill Schmalfledt’s arrest. All that would have resulted from such an arrest would have been either his having to post bail or his being provided with three hots and a cot for a couple of months pending trial. Or, most likely, his being released on his own recognizance.

The wheels of justice grind slowly. Let them take their time.

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  1. I imagine, though, that there was some friendly intercession, that or lots of pitiful begging on BS’s part.

  2. And he keeps tweeting you, and hurling obscenities. Yes, those will be good emails to have him read in court. I am sure you have a bunch he’s forgotten about. Plus the ones making fun of the judge, suggesting he was sleeping with your attorney, and the posts where he claims to be all palsy with the SA and the cops. I would like to know what journalistic merit is held by the tweets to you making fun of your son, too.

  3. “;;;prior to trial….”
    You know I really hope there is an authentic trial w/lawyers and a judge and stuff. I just have this suspicion that he’ll wiggle out of it somehow. But is he still contacting you illegally?

  4. And now we shall have to listen to the bloated gas bag bleat about how “he won”. Well, won’t be for long I guess. He’ll have his day in court and , as usual, will lose.

  5. Well, the coward is back on Twitter. Hope Mr. Hoge has the Tweet meter running cause Bill is just gushing with stupidity.

  6. He never stopped tweeting Mr. Hoge. Regarding the update … they do grind slowly. Also, I suspect they you have kept some of your powder dry. You have an unusual amount of patience.

    • John has the patience of Job. How he has not lost complete faith in the Maryland legal system at this point is beyond me.

      Had they arrested CBBS, at the very least, John would have had a slight reprieve from the harassment and abuse Schmalfeldt continues to inflict. A short visit to the county jail, coupled with a hit to the pocket for some bail money, “may” have sent a message to the raging loon that court orders are not to be so readily ignored and dismissed. Tis apparent he views this as a sick game he is hellbent on winning… his victim’s plight and the law be damned.

      I’m struggling to understand what the point of awarding a Peace Order is if the powers-that-be refuse to act upon violations (hundreds of violations in this case), and the victim is not afforded even the slightest bit of peace. Rescinding the arrest warrant has only served to empower the deranged freak as he views it as a victory and validation that he has been cleared to continue cyberstalking and harassing Mr. Hoge. It boggles the mind.

      • I can’t help but think the county feels 1. BS probably wont do anything violent and 2. they dont want to deal with him in lock up.
        However with his continued violations piling up, isn’t the county opening themselves to a possible lawsuit for not enforcing their own court orders??

      • Rain, I expect him to be punished for his contempt of the peace order and his continued attempts at contact. His no-contact order will be extended. The sword of damocles will be dangling, he can either obey or get worse.

  7. Side note – in BS’s various tales of woe, he has stated that his wife is unable to seek employment because she must provide round-the-clock care. If so, why is he always claiming that he has “to arrange for a ride?” She is unemployed and she takes him to all his medical appointments, according to him. Why is she unavailable to take him to court, etc.?

    • Maybe she has not idea what he is up to. Maybe she doesn’t know about the peace order, or his courtroom humiliations, etc. Judging by how he speaks to woman on Twitter I would not put it past him to be a bully to his wife either.

    • CBBS was squawking prior to the last hearing that his wife was uncomfortable driving the distance to the courthouse.

      If one can assume that she’s not as mentally-challenged as he is, maybe she’s simply sick of all of CBBS’s perpetual lawlessness and refuses to be a part of his lunacy and crimes.

      Notice I used the word “If.” She’s still with the seething-ball-of-hate, mind you.

      • He just made some noise about these comments, so someone struck a nerve. Funny how he airs his personal info in public, then criticize those who comment on it. Funny as in “cyberstalking hypocrite.”

    • THIS, I’m sure the county decided BS wasn’t worth the trouble to bring it but by rescinding the warrant, it just encourages BS to continue his harassment.
      It really irritates me how he keeps blaming Hoge for “not blocking” someone who is notorious for creating other sock puppets to continue harassing someone as being at fault here rather than admit he has any responsibilty to just not use the @ in front of Hoge’s handle….

    • That might tick the SA off. No, I think it might be better to email him once a day with the tweets all listed in the body of the email. Gets the same point across without over doing it, IMO.

  8. I look forward to hearing BS try to justify to a judge why /how it was Hoge’s responsibility to block him instead of his responsibility to adhere to the court order to not contact Hoge by using the @.

    • He keeps citing statutes and cases that deal with talking ABOUT someone. The courts have already told him he’s wrong, but he does it anyway. Contempt of court.

      • yes I noticed he’s real quick to claim such and such case backs him up, when it is completely irrelevent to this particular case. It’s like he’s a driver being pulled over in TX for doing 60 in a 45 and claiming that because the speed limit is 65 OK he wasn’t breaking the law. o.O

  9. He changed one of his twitter handles again. He now has two accounts that tweet primarily to WJJH, one created for the sole purpose of harassment. He now calls himself the Teflon Blogger, and states in his profile that he doesn’t allow “bullies” to tell him what to do. Oh, like Judge Stansfield? Interesting. So, according to BS, the judge has the hots for Zoa, is a naive country rube, and a bully. All-rightee, then. Man, the court arguments are just writing themselves, aren’t they?

  10. For some reason I’m not getting a ‘Reply’ button under comments, so I’ll do it this way…

    A READER wrote: He just made some noise about these comments, so someone struck a nerve. Funny how he airs his personal info in public, then criticize those who comment on it. Funny as in “cyberstalking hypocrite.”

    Oh, well. He’s always making noise about something. Does the seething-ball-of-hate EVER shut the hell up? *smh*

    I had a few more thoughts regarding CBBS’s wife Gail, and if Schmuckfail wants to gripe about me expressing them… um… that’s kinda too bad for the sick freak. Anyhoo, Frankie suggested the possibility of Gail having no idea what the deranged cyberstalker is up to. Of course, it’s a possibility, however, (1) They live in a freaking trailer. I have visited folks who live in trailers once-or-twice in my life, and trust me, not much could go on in such a shoebox that would stay private for all too long, least of all years. (2) Would Gail have zero idea of the type of mail that was coming into the home? (Charges, summons, court appearances, letters from lawyers/ACME Legal, and the like). Seems very unlikely. (3) Surely she is aware of when he is being picked up and driven to a courthouse? We already know she’s unemployed because poor, poor Schmuckfail needs a caretaker, or some such crap. But, what? No, “Hey, Bill. Where ya goin’ and why?” Again, unlikely. (4) Lastly, one of the more recent videos the raging loon posted showing off his parky walk had Gail listed in the credits as the camera holder. What does she think filming him is for?

    I’m not jumping on Frankie here. Again, we have no idea what exactly goes on within the confines of their very, very humble abode (And, good grief, who the heck would want the details? *shudder*) But, I would have a very hard time buying Gail being utterly clueless. So… (A) Does she know and simply not care? (B) Is Schmuckfail a controlling, shut-up-woman-none-of-your-damn-business, intimidating bully-of-a-husband, and she really is in the dark? (C) Does she know and think his harassment and violations of a Peace Order are just fine? Maybe even entertaining and funny? (D) Does she know, and even moreso, is she complicit in his criminality? (E) How many licks DOES it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

    The world may never know.

    • If I were Gail (and oh, thank the good Lord I am NOT) I would have canceled the Internet ages ago and told the neighbors to lock down their wifi. No way, no how would I allow that to be coming from my home.

      • Indeed, Lauren. I, too, would in NO WAY allow that type of behavior to take place in my home. Either Schmuckfail’s wife Gail has no idea, she knows and simply doesn’t care, or she knows and she cares and she just can’t make the bully stop.

        Heck. Look at what Lee and Lauren Stranahan and Ali Akbar and John Hoge and others have attempted to do to get the deranged cyberstalker to merely stop contacting them. The courts via a Peace Order cannot even manage to make him cease his abuse and harassment (yet).

        I’d wager his arrest won’t do much to turn the tide either. Schmuckfail is unhinged and hate-filled. Finding and directing his hate and lunacy toward others appears to be the air he breathes. His vile stalking, harassing and threatening behavior has been going on for years-and-years-and-years (threatening to take children away, false calls and reports to CPS, calls to the FBI, rape threats that include addresses and photos of homes, posting stories that fantasized about the murders of Attorneys Ken White and Patrick Frey, brutal harassment of the parents of a deceased infant, etc., etc., etc.) The worldwide web is rife with a plethora of examples and stories by persons who have been on the receiving end of his rancid, illegal, and frightening actions. Somebody needs to make Bill Schmalfeldt stop his sociopathic pattern of behavior once-and-for-all. Many are beyond convinced he will NEVER stop on his own.

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