#BillSchmalfeldt Status Report

As of 6:15 pm ET this evening, the Cabin Boy’s @wjjhoge tweet count stands as follows:S-O-T201311132315Z

So far, he’s facing a summons for one count of harassment, one count of electronic mail harassment, and 36 counts of failure to comply with a peace order—and an arrest warrant for 198 additional counts of failure to comply with a peace order. As of 6:15 pm, he has also sent an additional 67 @wjjhoge tweets.

24 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt Status Report

  1. I was looking at the @TheSordidTruth account that he changed from @poopflakedbeard. Don’t know if it complicates matters, but that @TheSordidTruth account is re-tweeting the ones from @wmsbroadcasting. It appears as though he’s trying to clog up your interactions timeline, interfered with your conversations with others, and perhaps even miss things that other people are sending to you.

  2. And now he’s back to harassing the Stranahans. He is officially having a “Barrett Brown” moment. I think Neal is whispering in his ear. Didn’t McCain predict this?

    • Yes, McCain did. And for those who may be unacquainted with him, BS is a serial liar. When he is not blatantly lying, he is purposefully distorting comments to suit his agenda. For example, a “birthing tub” becomes a “bath tub.”

      • That’s SO his m.o. Distortion of truth and facts and anything that is good and holy.

        He was bleating something about a Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff assuring Schmalfeldt he would get onto Hogewash! and review all of the “lies.” Good.

        John Hoge is but one blogger who has taken the time and energy to clearly, succinctly, and factually lay out the despicable actions and life of deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt.

    • Maybe not. However, he has accused Hoge’s attorney of having an affair with the judge. And right now he’s having a nervous breakdown. Not meltdown. A nervous breakdown. And THAT is Barrett Brown crazy.

  3. *snortle* he’s also claiming this blog post is Hoge “bragging” about the arrest warrant…JEEZ what sad sorry sack….@.@

  4. Yet again, he writes that he’s going to “try to arrange a ride.”. Hmm. What about his alleged full time caregiver who cannot seek employment because she has to care for him? Folks, BS tweets and blogs about this stuff. When he is called on his inconsistent stories (lies), he becomes outraged.

    • And, how much care could Schmalfeldt possibly need? He can walk. He can shower himself. He can feed himself. He can arrange for transportation to a hearing or a jail. All he does anyways is sit around all day like an angry, puss-filled blob harassing good folks on the interwebz.

      Gotta wonder how much taxpayer money actually rolls into that trailer. Does Gail even have a part-time job? Good grief.

      • I need at least as much, if not more help, than Bill does. And I don’t need a full-time care giver. I have two part-time care givers and my friends help out when they can. This is total bullshit.

  5. and standing up for your and other peoples rights to be left alone is being spineless brainless things…
    O.o delusional, I sincerely hope he gets a psych check and treatment….

  6. jeez, he can’t even screen cap properly (surely because of his advance PD right?) in tweeting this post as the one he claims Hoge is lying about….

    • Oh, no, Rain. He has stated repeatedly both in writing and on a radio show, that he does not suffer from PD dementia.

      He also wrote that he’s going to fill in the deputy on WJJH, his blog, and the “charges” he is facing from the DPBK. First, he can’t get legal terminology right. BS is facing charges, which are brought be a state actor. When someone sues you, you are not “facing charges.” I wonder if BS will tell the deputy that the plaintiff is the Speedway Bomber, a drug dealing perjurer who put a bomb under a police car, and blew off a Vietnam vet’s leg? Ya think?

      • Oh, please, please, please. Let someone from that Sheriff’s department read this blog (and, that comment by A Reader specifically).

      • pfffft you’re silly, of course he wont tell the truth about DPBK. At this point I dont think he is capable of distinguishing between his lies and reality anymore (if he ever was)

      • if the deputy is able to follow his spew of bullcrap I hope the deputy points out that NONE of that is relevant to why he is being arrested in the first place.

      • Something has been bothering about that. If he is missing all those parts of his brain (per those pictures he posted), then how is mind still “KEEN” (as he likes to say)? I mean, how is he not suffering from dementia with all those holes in his head?

        Or maybe those aren’t pictures of HIS brain, after all. Just askin’.

  7. Hey! He’s calling Hoge our leader! This is confusing – I thought it was Ali? Oh, no, that’s right, it is Patterico whose orders are heeded and whose directives are obeyed. Are you guys taking turns? I need to know these things so that I can do all lickspittles proud.

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