4 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I have it. And I’m usually pretty bad at this too. But today I’ve been spitting them out.

    Remember, Remember,
    The Ides of November,
    Twas the Day They Led Off Ole Bill.
    A Stick and a Stake
    For the Stranahan’s Sake
    And a Parlay From Hoge’s Good Will.

    • i thought you were awesome before because of your name (i have a black cat named Betty). but now.. well, i just simply love AND adore you.
      and thanks for making me laugh loudly, thus starting the man outside my apt window. you do that quite well.

      • Thanks! I love you too!

        My twitter handle (Comin’ to Gitcha) is not as cool. But the song it came from is (Foxy Lady). And now you can call your kitty “Black Betty”. I always said that anyone who named their kid after me…I would pay for their education. So I will put your cat through college.

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