Prevarication Du Jour

Apparently, Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t think very much of the petitions I filed with the Circuit Court last week. Here’s 21 seconds from a video he posted commenting on them.

Video Credit: pupsoc dot com. Fair use for commentary and criticism.

That’s the copy of my petition for a show cause order (contempt of court) that he rips up. I wonder … is he trying to set up an insanity defense?

UPDATE—Well, well, well, … Everything is not proceeding as I have foreseen. I had no idea that the Cabin Boy would do something this mind-bogglingly stupid.

21 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. That absolutely nothing that he tore up has a docket date that is certainly something. That video should be an exhibit during the contempt proceedings as another example of just how little respect Cabin Boy gives to the Court.

  2. Given his post yesterday about the “free” legal advice he received, please note that was a CYA move and you will have to be prepared for that. He will argue that he acted under the advice of his attorney, which would be a lie. Free legal advice over the Internet without the benefit of seeing the entire case file, etc., (Aaron and Zoa would be able to fill you in), is NOT legal representation. What he did was shop around and provide limited facts to get an answer he wanted. No citation to court rules, etc.

    • I remember the last time he shopped around for Internet Legal advice. He ended up with wrong advice from a lawyer who had be kicked out of state bar. The man really is monumentally stupid.

    • Does it matter? IANAL, but a thought experiment anyway. Grant the assumption that he has legal representation per the term of art.
      He follows said advice. Is there a deference by the court to the advice?
      If I get a speeding ticket, and I hire a lawyer and they say “ignore it, in my opinion it’s unenforceable.” And then I get pulled over 2 months later an arrested on a bench warrant for a no show in court do I get off by saying “well my lawyer said….”

      Even with the most charitable assumptions, I’m not entirely sure the world works like that. (The advice of a lawyer is not a “get off scott free” card.) But perhaps I’m wrong.

      • Deference? Not necessarily, but they often cut you a break because they don’t want to punish the party for the sins of the attorney. So, it is very possible that BS would show up and say, well, “my lawyer told me” yadda yadda yadda. Only, it’s not really “his” lawyer. That matters, because otherwise courts everywhere would be letting people off because of the “I read it on the internet” defense, which would result in absolute chaos.

        Basically, he went on the equivalent of an internet chat room and gave a VERY selective view of the facts to get an answer he wanted. Proof of that is that the alleged attorney is talking about a statute that BS was not found guilty of violating – the electronic harassment statute. Also, to admit this nonsense into evidence, he would have to jump through a number of hoops, which I’m not going to get into here or ever. As I’ve said before, he can go cough up the dough for actual legal advice. This was just a CYA move on his part just in case he’s wrong about Zoa Barnes. He is trying to avoid additional sanctions/punishment by the court.

      • Ah. As I said, I was trying to give the best charitable interpretation of the comment for the purposes of a thought experiment.
        Added in actual facts only make it more likely it’ll fail IMHO.

      • I would think in order to claim “well my lawyer said…” would require said lawyer to appear In court and back up the claim…O.o

  3. What I find amazing is that he posts videos like this (I gave him the benefit of the doubt and viewed the full version) and still try to maintain the fiction that he has “advanced Parkinson’s Disease!

    He displays NO tremor, NO dyskinesia, NO dystonia, excellent speech characteristics, no facial masking (normal facial expressions), excellent manual dexterity, no intention hesitation, almost zero bradykinesia. And he is taking NO levodopa or dopamine agonists?Even assuming his gait (walking) and balance problems are off the chart bad, this is a man with VERY MILD PD.

    I’m not an MD, but my sister is one, her husband is one, my brother is one (a gerontologist no less) and since I did my undergrad at Johns Hopkins University, a number of my friends are. I’ve been motivated to learn about Parkinson’s and have spent a great deal of time with patients at all stages of the disorder. So trust me when I say – THIS MAN IS FULL OF SHIT. (eleventy!)

    I can show you video of real advanced patients – head bobbing, tongue thrusting, lip smacking, grimacing, unable to start a word, or get enough volume to finish it. Desperately trying by force of will to extend their hand to take papers from a desk, and then unable to control the movement enough to read them or give them to someone. Schmalfeldt does a serious injustice to people who are actually in the advanced stages with his whining hypochondriacal fakery.

    Bill is fond of saying that Mr. Hoge is responsible for the state of his condition. IF THAT IS SO, I would like to negotiate an arrangement whereby he (Hoge) will,do the same for me!

    • He is slamming you for this comment. Never mind the hypocrisy when he sets himself up as obstetrician-in-chief, lawyer, and psychiatrist – ready to nastily opine without the benefit of education or medical records.

      • He spends a lot of pixels refuting claims I never made. Let’s be clear –

        Bill has Parkinson’s.

        Parkinson’s, at any stage, sucks.

        But if we take every complaint he makes in that post a gospel truth, he STILL doesn’t have “Advanced” PD. I read over his list, watched his vids, and thought “ah the good old days” and even I am not yet at the point where it’s considered advanced! If he actually thinks his current situation is as bad as it gets, he has some horrifying realities to deal with in the coming years. The actual end stage of Parkinson’s is not death – it’s much much worse than that.

        As for my evaluation, I based it not only on his videos, which are quite revealing, but on descriptions he has given. For example, in describing one fall, he mentions taking small backward steps as he lost his balance. This is a phenomenon called retropulsion, and is an indication that he is relatively early in the progress of the disorder. A person with TRUE advanced PD wishes he still retropulsed, instead of festinating (taking tiny shuffling steps, like Tim Conway’s old man bit), if he can walk AT ALL.

        I also note that of the documents he shows, the medical person only said “progressive”, which i never denied. The term “advanced” comes only from a bureaucrat. A previous evaluation he posted on Twitter said “mild”.

        Finally, a word on knowledge in general. I’ve been studying the subject a good decade longer than Cabin Boy, and my educational background is from one of the finest undergraduate universities around, which happens to be connected with THE best medical school and research hospital in the world.

        Bill went to high school.

    • Heh. I left this comment on that post:
      “Hardly Bill. A Carrol County Commissioner issued the warrant in response to facts presented to him/her. You are going to be arrested for addressing W J J Hoge on Twitter by using the @ mention feature in violation of Hoge’s court order. Over 200 times as John Hoge demonstrated to the Commissioner who decided that instead of a citation being mailed and a court date set, the issuance of an arrest warrant is the appropriate next step in fighting your virtual harrassment of John Hoge.
      Man up and turn yourself in, I’m sure they have a medical section in the county jail where you will be taken care of and the only poops in the bed will be yours (and not blamed on the dogs …)”

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