In Re #BillSchmalfeldt

This afternoon evidence was presented to a District Court Commissioner which resulted in the Commissioner finding probable cause that Bill Schmalfeldt had committed 198 additional violations of the peace order issued against him.

I do not plan to have any further comment on this matter until advised to do so by either the State’s Attorney’s Office or my own counsel.

UPDATE—I am informed that an arrest warrant has been issued for Bill Schmalfeldt.

I wish to make the following statement:

This afternoon, I presented evidence to a District Court Commissioner. The Commissioner found probable cause that Bill Schmalfeldt has violated the terms of the peace order issued against him by the Circuit Court of Maryland for Carroll County on 14 June, 2013. It is my understanding that the latest set of charges is for 198 counts of failure to comply with that peace order.

Note that the peace order does not prohibit anyone from writing about me. It prohibits Bill Schmalfeldt from continuing to contact me after I have asked him to stop. That is no more a First Amendment issue than the Do Not Call list.

31 thoughts on “In Re #BillSchmalfeldt

  1. I feel odd asking this question, given that BS has over 230 pending criminal charges against him, but I have a feeling that this is not the “mind-bogglingly stupid” thing you posted about this morning. Hard to believe, given the circumstances, but will we have to stay tuned for that? Will I have time to get more popcorn?

  2. sir, seriously and honestly – do you think there is a lesson to be learned from all of this? or will it be considered more noise from Team Lickspittle?

  3. Aaaand, here we go. The latest from Poop Sock dot com:

    “Hoge has issued a warrant for my arrest. An old man with Parkinson’s disease is going to be arrested for using the words @wjjhoge in a tweet.”

    This irks me like you wouldn’t believe, because it is a flat out lie and manipulative. First, WJJH did NOT issue a warrant for BS’s arrest – Carroll County did. The state did.

    Second, “old men” (which BS conveniently becomes when he needs sympathy, otherwise he calls WJJH a senile old man all the time) and people with PD are subject to the same laws as everyone else. There is no PD exemption to the state’s laws.

    • THIS!! Exactly, the first amendment doesn’t give anyone the right to harass, and even if BS doesn’t view his harassment as such, the court does.

  4. He’s being arrested not for uttering W. Hoge’s name, or writing about him, or even for using his twitter username. He’s being arrested for directing messages to him with the SMS @[username] command on twitter.

  5. I will gloomily observe that the “Do Not Call” list seems to be approximately as effective as the peace order you obtained.

    But that’s just because the robo-calls are making my assistant want to cry.

  6. So, will an Acme lawyer be making an appearance? I can’t believe that the District Court Commissioner doesn’t have an Acme level of legal understanding. What is he, some sort of professional?

  7. I don’t understand why he didn’t just write as he pleased without directing messages to Mr. Hoge with the @[username] command. There could be no point to the latter but to contact Mr Hoge’s Twitter account. All those who follow Bill would see Bills messages anyway. He could still send messages ABOUT Mr. Hoge to anyone who had not blocked him. Using the @[username] command doesn’t send messages to that username’s followers. There’s just no point to it except to contact Mr. Hoge.

  8. I understand them issuing an arrest warrant, but I don’t see them doing anything other than hauling him in, taking mug shots, and letting him go on his own recognizance with a stern warning to quit contacting Mr. Hoge. What should happen is they keep him until a judge decides what his punishment is for that many willful violations of the PO.

  9. “UPDATE — I am informed that an arrest warrant has been issued for Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    There ya go. Actions have consequences… even for the Bill Schmalfeldts of the world.

    And, my Sympathy Meter rests comfortably on, “Oh well.”

    One can only imagine the show he will put on for the poor officer/s tasked with serving the arrest warrant. What a maroon. This entire situation has been entirely avoidable. *smh*

  10. Frankie, I think you are probably right, unless he behaves very badly. But he is subject to punishment and may get some when he faces the court. I’m thinking fines, and he might have to go in for a weekend or three. He will if he thumbs his nose at the order again.

  11. I expect some sort of suspended sentence in a plea deal. Hopefully any plea deal arrived at has an injunction against using the internet for anything other than the most strict reasons such as work.
    The ONE tool he has that he uses to cause all this misery is the internet. Take it away and he goes back to being a nothing. If he does use it anyway and is caught, then the suspended sentence goes into effect and he does his deserved time behind bars.

    • Take away his internet and he still has a phone. Take away his phone, and, he could still send snail mail. He’ll consider himself a victim and will attempt to inflict vengeance against those he believes have wronged him. Take all those harassment tools away, and, expect some “legal beagle” or internet lawyer such as “RogerS” to prep him on how to file a wave of pro se lawsuits.

      People deal with each other either by force or reason. The decisions of courts are suppose to reflect the dictates of reason. Bill Schmalfeldt rejects the decisions of Maryland courts. That is, Bill Schmalfeldt rejects reason. Giving him another chance merely means that he will take it. Ultimately, the law will have to deal with him by force.

  12. He us asking if he gets to take his meds? Didn’t he just tweet a couple weeks ago during his “You’re killing meeeeeeeee!” phase that his Doc took him off all meds?

  13. Hilarious that the guy who was just recently dared John to come after him legally is now whining about being a poor, disabled old man.

    You asked for it, genius. You taunted the bull, and now you get the horns. Don’t whine about it.

  14. Having been continually harassed by this sick deranged piece of shit, I can tell you for a fact that he deserves to be tortured, skinned alive and dipped in salt.

  15. As someone that at one point was stalked and harassed by BS it gives me great pleasure to witness his meltdown of epic proportions. It warms my nether regions. 🙂

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