Pluto and Charon

Pluto_Charon_NewHorizonsThe New Horizons spacecraft is en route to Pluto, and it has recently been able to image the planet’s largest moon Charon with one of its cameras. The New Horizons LOng Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) composite image on the left shows Charon cleanly separated from Pluto itself. It’s an average of six different LORRI images, each taken with an exposure time of 0.1 second. When these images were taken on 1 July, 2013, the spacecraft was still about 880 million km from Pluto. On 14 July, 2015, New Horizons will pass within 12,500 km of Pluto’s surface. LORRI should be able to spot features about the size of a football field.

Image Credit: NASA

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