#BillSchmalfeldt Takes a Break

Or goes into hiding. Or something. PFB201311120200ZHe’s taken his tweets private. That leaves the serial harassment counter set at …S-O-T201311120131ZBTW, the 198 since noon last Friday is not a record. Stacy McCain got over 200 in a couple of days last Thanksgiving.

5 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt Takes a Break

  1. I was hoping for a new record. Or not. I definitely need more popcorn.

    On another note, he posted a video over at Poop Sock in which he continues his attorney of record spiel, and rips up the motions you served upon him. Excellent evidence, so be sure to have a copy of the video for your court date! He will argue, as he has before, that he didn’t have notice. He is, of course, a serial fabulist.

  2. Yes. He got off the one time by saying he was never served, or made aware, and the court bought it and gave him a pass. Take that video and ram it down his throat if he tries it again.

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