A Snapshot of My Twitter Mentions

I’m told that Bill Schmalfeldt is now claiming that I’m crazy because he thinks I follow his every word. I don’t, but I do see all of the tweets he sends me. (Click the image to embiggen it.)@wjjhoge_Mentions201311111420Z@WMSBroadcasting is one of Schmalfeldt’s Twitter accounts.

The Cabin Boy seems to think that I’m under some obligation to block him on Twitter. He has things backwards. The peace order issued against him says that he is supposed to avoid contacting me. If that isn’t convenient for him, too bad.

OTOH, I am free to look at his writing, and I occasionally do. The Cabin Boy sometimes writes things in which I have a legitimate interest. For example, Schmalfeldt’s rantings have been a source of leads for the legal team supporting the defendants in the various vexatious lawsuits filed by Brett Kimberlin.

Meanwhile, the adjudicated and confessed harasser keeps flouting that peace order.

UPDATE—Confessed harasser? Yep. He confessed. He posted this email on Twitter last August.BSemail2SAO

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  1. Yes, a confession. Proof that he know the court order includes @ mentions. Proof that, after losing his appeal, he is willfully and knowingly disobeying a court order. Also proof that he lied to the SA – he was not “having a conversation.”. What he did was butt in on someone else’s conversation, one that had never included him.

  2. One of the bizarre things about him, evidenced by his tweets, is his delusion that he is very knowledgeable about legal matters. Remarks about Zoa B., followed by comments like, “that’s a new one,” make him look like an ignoramus.

  3. Remarks about Zoa B., followed by comments like, “that’s a new one,” make him look like an ignoramus.
    Heh. He IS an ignoramus, a huge Jabba the Hutt sized ignoramus with an apparent IQ of chilled beer …

  4. “I have INTENTIONALLY violated the peace order (upwards of 200 times and counting) and will submit to whatever punishment your office deems appropriate.”

    There. Updated CBBS’s last sentence to reflect his current idiocy.

    The stupid… it burns.

  5. Question: I am not on Twitter. When he retweets all of this from his poopflakedbeard account, does it also end up in your mentions? If it does, it would seem that one of his currently active accounts was established for the sole purpose of harassment, i.e., retweeting his harassing emails to you.

  6. The usual dust-throwing about the contents of comment sections pops up in that letter. Sec 230 just affronts them no end.

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  8. Team K uses BS as a harasser because he can use his crazy and PD as a victim defense.

    Kinda like the way druglords use kids as lookouts – they won’t go to jail.

    If being a crazy ranter internet guy was enough to go to jail, we would have a serious overcrowding issue.

    However, BS seems to have taken the SA’s forbearance as permission. I suspect that the SA does not like to be taken advantage of. *That* will likely draw some attention.

    Also, does anyone think that the closeness of BK and BS represents a freezing out of NR? Think about it.

    • “Also, does anyone think that the closeness of BK and BS represents a freezing out of NR? Think about it.” No. NR admitted to helping BK with his federal complaint.

  9. Again with the Acme Law: Billy Boy seems to be confusing a Peace Order with a Protective Order. He keeps musing on Twitter about how his tweets put John in danger. If a Protective Order was in place, it might be a relevant question. However, it is not a relevant question because a Peace Order is in effect, not a Protective Order. (Duh.)

    >>It will be interesting, should this proceed to a courtroom to hear @wjjhoge’s explanation as to which of my tweets put him in mortal danger.<<

    Criminal harassment is covered only by Peace Orders, which is what Billy Boy is violating every time he tweets @wjjhoge.


    • Yep. CBBS is definitely on a mission to conflate Peace/Protective orders, hence all of his squawking that John is abusing an avenue available for battered women.

      I’ll piggyback your link with the following information I found while googling around the intertubz. Maryland law is quite clear in their distinctions between the two orders:


      • He is also writing about free – FREE – legal “advice” he allegedly got from a Maryland attorney.

        First, you get what you pay for. Second, the attorney cites the electronic harassment law, not the GENERAL harassment law, 803, which BS was found guilty of breaking. They also keep talking about bulletin boards, etc. BS is being deliberately obtuse because he does not want to be bound by the law, which is this: you can write all about someone (barring threats, defamation, etc.), but you cannot write to them if they ask you to stop. He deliberately distorts opinions, or uses those that are completely inapplicable.

      • Oh, the hilarious thing? The title of the post is “Take this for what it’s worth.” Which is exactly zero, since that’s what he paid for it.

  10. By logging in you’ll post the following comment to A Snapshot of My Twitter Mentions:
    BS’s use of the SMS @ command with Mr. Hoge’s username actively directs the message to Mr. Hoge. He can still write bout, send to others, discuss the twitterusername of Mr Hoge as much as he pleasesbut he cannot send him messages with the SMS @ command which has no effect except to send messages to Mr Hoge. It doesn’t make BSs messages to Mr. Hoge appear in Mr. Hoge’s follower’s timeline. It isn’t needed to make the username of Mr Hoge appear in BSs timeline for BSs followers to see. BS’s followers will see BS’s messages about Mr Hoge without use of the @ command. There isn’t any reason to use the @ command unless he wants it to appear in Mr Hoge’s timeline and/or @mention message collection box. NONE.

  11. Cabin Boy is panicking. Thus, his never ending tweets about Zoa. He is not sure about Acme legal, aka “Feons-R-Us,”so he allegedly got “free” advice from a Maryland lawyer. If he’s so comfortable with all of this, why does he keep tweeting about it and asking for citations? Fact is, he has doubts. If he wants them allayed, he should pony up for a lawyer.

  12. Reminder for WJJH for the next time he goes to court. From Allergic2Bull (http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com/2013/06/breaking-bill-schmalfeldt-is-officially.html):

    “It is also worth noting that Schmalfeldt was also subpoenaed to produce documents related to his relationship with Brett Kimberlin and his relationship with Breitbart Unmasked. But I repeat myself. He refused to comply with that, a fact that Hoge’s able counsel exploited repeatedly to show that Schmalfeldt didn’t respect the law.”

    So, what we have here is a pattern of behavior . . . . contempt of court.

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