3 thoughts on “What Others Are Saying About #BillSchmalfeldt

  1. Too easy. LMAO

    He is on tilt and piling up the infractions. It’s fun for us outsiders to watch. You are a patient person; he is a nut. How much of his “my wife has to drive me” stuff is real? Just because he puts on a show in the courthouse, he could probably still get around if motivated enough. I’d think he’s motivated now. Please be careful. He very well could be dangerous in this agitated state.

    • Last time he was in court Brett Kimberlin and his bodyguard brought him. Wife stayed home. He also told the court he could walk up the stairs to the second floor where the originally scheduled courtroom was. Schmalfeldt also told the court that Kimberlin’s bodyguard was actually his personal assistant. Make of that what you will. Me? I take these things to prove he lies.

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