15 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Two things are amusing about this incoherent drooling by Cabin Boy. The first is of course the abject stupidity of believing that he can file “criminal charges” for the crime of … asking a court to determine a civil claim. Uh, no. The second is of course the utter hypocrisy of his applause of others engaging in lawfare.

  2. Something else he clearly does not understand is that the circuit court’s rulings were effectively upheld on appeal because the higher court denied cert. I would not be surprised if things are unfolding exactly as WJJH has foreseen.

  3. Hell, you ought file a civil suit and criminal charges (say, isn’t “@WJJHoge” a violation of the Peace Order?) simultaneously, just for the resulting lulz!

    Give Teh Cabin Boy what he wants, just this one time…

  4. Bill seems to be under the impression that @ mentioning someone is not contact under Maryland law. Of course he can’t cite the law that says that. Oh, he cites examples, but none apply.
    Hmm..it’s almost like he is trying to draw Mr. Hoge into another battle with him. Possible to distract from the flawed Kimberlin suits? Does the Cabin Boy know how much trouble he can get himself into, or did Kimby assure him that it would be fine and that Acme Law has his back?

    • He has been told that it is. He has admitted that it is, to the prosecutor. And the order has withstood appeal.

      So given all that, he’s convincing himself to do something. The meltdown should be entertaining but be cautious, he’s mentally capable of anything. Physically …

  5. Billy is quite crazy…criminal charges? Is he for real? I like @Leroy’s idea.

    I wonder if we can ignore the Cabin Boy long enough he’ll go away? It’s wishful thinking.

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