Politifact Gets One Correct

pantsonfirePolitifact has rated Barack Obama’s recent attempt to weasel out of his “if you like your plan …” and “if you like your doctor …” promises. They must have noticed that his lips were moving. The Politifact rating is shown on the left.

Meanwhile, it’s being reported that the average age of people who are signing up for Obamacare is significantly older than the actuaries expected when insurance rates were initially calculated. If that continues, either rates will have to be drastically increased again in 2015 or the program will go bust financially.

Let it burn.

6 thoughts on “Politifact Gets One Correct

  1. The last day to sign up is December 15th. I imagine most people haven’t even tried to sign up yet.

    As much as it seems everybody is trying to set the thing on fire, my bet is it’s going to work. We’ll see.

  2. Here’s some things to ponder. 1. Even IF they get the major bugginess of the website fixed and working correctly, I don’t see how they’ll be able to fix all of the timeouts & smaller bugs that will drive tech savvy young adults away from it. I just don’t see liberals being able to convince them to “stick it out” to the end of the sign up process.

    2. How many of these healthy young adults will decide that it makes sense to pay $200 or more per month with high deductibles vs a $95 fine? Since many are living paycheck to paycheck, odds are many will pass for this basic reason.

    3. Finally, remember how it was so bad to the economy when the Social Security tax went back up by 2% and the average person was losing/paying an extra $100 per year on a $50,000 income? What do folks think it’ll do to the economy when these folks are paying an extra $100 per MONTH for health insurance. What about large companies like United saying healthcare costs will be $100 Million more per year in 2014 & later? Those add up to some serious dollars being misdirected to no value work processing healthcare paperwork in our economy.

    Our economy has taken one huge broadside hit in the form of fewer hours per worker with more hits coming. We are just now starting to see the impacts from Obamacare.

  3. The people who receive on average more benefits than their premiums are signing up at a greater rate than those who receive on average significantly less benefits than their premiums. Who could have imagined such a possibility?

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